So, your CBD order just got fulfilled, and you are pleased with the quality, but you think to yourself, “What’s the best way of storing this product?”

Whether it be a tincture, a vape device, an edible, or a spray, you need to store the product appropriately, or else it deteriorates. The following are some of the factors to consider for peak CBD storage:

Don’t Expose CBD to Direct Sunlight

Maybe you have insomnia or some other sleep disorder, but you started using CBD at night so that you may have quality sleep. For the love of goodness don’t prop that vial by the frame on your window.

During the day, the sun will be hitting the CBD, and the UV rays may destabilize various ingredients of the product, thus causing it to lose power much early.

You don’t have to invest in special storage equipment for your CBD products, but you can find a dark and cool spot in your house to place the product.

Don’t Expose CBD to Heat

It’s not always obvious that you are exposing your CBD product to heat, and that’s why you have to be careful of the surrounding environment.

First off, if your CBD product is sitting in some rack in the kitchen, ensure that it is not near your cooker, and you can place it on the end of the kitchen, and open the windows when cooking, so that heat doesn’t saturate the kitchen to damage your product.

If you like bringing your CBD everywhere you go, ensure that you have a special storage facility, but never leave it sitting in your car in the sun; that would be like cooking it.

If you like to store CBD in kitchen cupboards, ensure that the cupboard is not situated close to a heat source.

Don’t Overcharge Your Vaping Device or Burn It

If you are into vaping CBD, you must not abandon your vape device during charging, so that it keeps charging even when full, and also you must not dispose of the device by throwing it in a fire.

Vape devices are carefully assembled to ensure they pose no risk. However, they can cause accidents especially when subjected to extreme heat. Overcharging your vape device starts its slow deterioration and eventually, it may explode into flames.

It’s pretty frightening to see a vape device go off, and I’m sure it would be deeply traumatizing to have it explode in your mouth.

Always Have the Seal On

You must not leave your CBD vial gaping open the entire day. Exposing CBD to air causes oxygen to interact with CBD and ruin its chemical balance. Also, various harmful ingredients are floating about, and you don’t want them to attach to CBD before you ingest it.

How Do I Tell that My CBD Product Is Gone Bad?

If you buy a highly potent CBD tincture, taking even small doses can have full-force effects, and this property allows you to consume the product for long, and that’s assuming it has a decent shelf life.

When you first open your peppermint CBD tincture, the natural terpenes will waft into your nose, and the rawness and freshness of CBD unmistakably hang heavy in the air.

However, when the organic product starts to deteriorate, the initial refreshing smell is replaced by an increasingly offensive odor and ultimately it gets bad like roadkill.

Once your CBD oil goes rancid, you won’t need any help to realize it.

Can I Store CBD Oil in My Fridge or Freezer?

Oh yes, both the fridge and freezer protect your CBD against direct sunlight, and heat, and provide stable temperatures.

Ideally, use fridges for short time storage, but freezers for long-term storage, but remember that certain carrier oils grow solid upon refrigeration.

Once you withdraw CBD oil from the fridge or freezer, you will need to thaw it before you consume it.

Granted, CBD oil is not like milk that it will spoil after a few days, but its shelf life can still be determined by your storage methods.

Poor storage of CBD oil usually comes from a place of being disorganized and ignorant, but with a little bit of care and effort, you can store it properly.

In this post, we will show you all the precautions you need to observe so that you may enjoy the benefits of CBD oil for the greatest length of time possible.

Factors that Affect the Shelf Life of CBD Oil

One of the common questions that people have concerning CBD is how long it can last them, and no matter what the length might be, you cannot rule out the fact that storage plays a key role.

CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, and it being an organic product, at one point it’s going to lose quality and deteriorate. Generally, CBD oil can retain its potency for up to two years, but different factors determine the precise length.

Carrier Oils

In certain extraction methods, carrier oils like coconut and avocado oils may be used as solvents, but these carrier oils might be made of unstable elements that ultimately shorten the shelf life of CBD oil.

Check to see whether your CBD oil is dissolved in any carrier oil, and find out its impact on the longevity of the product.


Different CBD products require different packaging. For instance, oil drops need to be put in semi-opaque vials, and capsules have to be put in non-reactive bottles. The packaging must be designed to protect the product from harsh elements.

CBD oil is put in specially formulated dark vials to block out the harmful UV rays that can damage the chemical composition of CBD. And capsules are stored in bottles made of a material that doesn’t react with the gelatinous caps.

And this is why you need to buy CBD from top companies; they have the resources and capacity of packaging products well.


Sadly, not every online ad for CBD products comes from genuine sellers. Some unscrupulous dealers set up shops and zero in on unsuspecting CBD users. By the time the consumer realizes they bought some third-rate product, it’s too late to do anything.

If you buy CBD oil that’s been extracted from organically-grown hemp and processed in GMP-certified facilities, you’ll have a quality product that can last you to the maximum extent.

But if you are unlucky to fall in the hands of a scammer, or if you are attracted to the lure of cheap products, you end up buying low-quality products devoid of adequate shelf life.


Sometimes your CBD product may be damaged by no fault of your own. For instance, we all know that you are supposed to keep CBD oil in a cool and dark place, but what if you live in a humid and hot environment? It becomes challenging to safely store your product.