How Do I Start Growing Marijuana?

So you want to start marijuana growing? You must be a smart person. I mean, marijuana is banned in many US states, but its market value still runs into billions, and now that marijuana is set to be legalized not just in the US but also around the world, we have a perfect business opportunity here.

If you have a piece of unused land, that’s a goldmine. You can fill out that land with cannabis plants, harvest your flowers, and look for someone to buy them.

Considering the rapid expansion of the marijuana market, you can be sure that the demand for raw material will always be high.

The first thing you need to do is get accurate information. Don’t mislead yourself into thinking you can “wing it” because you’ll needlessly leave a ton of money on the table.

In this post, we break down everything you need to know about starting and operating successful marijuana growing business.

The information in this post is still applicable no matter the size of your plot, the amount of money you plan to pump in, and the harvest you are aiming for.

For a healthy marijuana plant, the following is needed: lighting, whether it be natural or artificial; an aerated growth medium; stable temperature, water, and nutrients.

The amount of time it takes from planting seeds to harvesting smokable flower can depend on the strain, and the method of growing, but it’s usually between three months to seven months.

Decide Whether to Cultivate Indoors or Outdoors

Indoor growing is appealing if you are looking to have more control over how your cannabis plants grow. You first get the equipment and set up the grow room.

Indoor growing gives you more control, and it enables you to consistently produce quality marijuana flower.

With the indoor setting, you have to perfectly maintain all the conditions necessary for growth, or else your plants die out.

Indoor marijuana growing can be done in a spare room, a closet, a garage, a tent, or even an extra bathroom.

Indoor growing enables you to create a warm environment, something that increases the yield, and so this cultivating model can be useful if you live in a cold region.

Some of the advantages of growing marijuana indoors include:

  • You can produce super healthy plants
  • You can grow marijuana almost anywhere
  • You can speed up growth and increase yield
  • You have more control
  • Easy to protect your farm

The following is the step-by-step process of growing marijuana indoors:

Step 1: set up a suitable environment for growing your cannabis

Step 2: install top-quality grow lights

Step 3: set up the ventilation system

Step 4: set up an artificial climate

Step 5: decide whether you want to use soil or a hydroponic medium

Outdoor marijuana growing is the most common way of growing marijuana, and it is cheaper because you are not required to purchase any gadgets or modify the environment.

Outdoor-grown marijuana can be super healthy too, especially if you take care to select the right strain, and your piece of land is in a good environment.

On the downside is that you are not as much in control, and many external factors can greatly affect your yield.

Choose the Lighting System

Lighting is essential for quality yield, and the lighting system that you choose can depend on whether you are growing indoors or outdoors.

For outdoor growing, you have to rely on sunlight. Thus, you have to make sure that you’re growing your plants in a quality climate and weather.

Household lighting: we are talking of fluorescent tubes and LED bulbs; they aren’t designed for growing, but they can still be used in small indoor growing if you have a limited budget.

Grow lights: these are extremely powerful lighting systems, and most growers use them for indoor cannabis growing. Grow lights produce high-quality light that enhances marijuana yield.

Light is essential for photosynthesis, it sustains plants in their vegetative growth stage, and is vital for strains that don’t auto-flower.

If you are in a region that is gloomy for most of the year, you have no choice but to practice indoor growing, so that you may improvise the lighting.

Choose the Growth Medium

The medium that you use for growing marijuana can have a big impact on the quality of your marijuana buds.

Most growers use soil, but you want to make sure that the soil has no chemical substances and that it is well aerated. The cannabis plant has bioaccumulation tendencies, meaning that it can absorb harmful substances in the soil, and store them in the stem and flower.

Some growers may avoid soil, and instead, use growth mediums like coconut fibers and minerals or various organic mixes.

Other growers may opt for hydroponics, which is having the plant grow directly in water. This growth medium usually makes for excellent yield.

For the majority of growers, the soil medium is the way to go, but make sure to use nutrient-rich soil; it leads to a high yield, and it also enhances marijuana flavor.

Choose Top Nutrients

In order that you have a good yield, you have to grow your plants in a nutrient-rich medium, but you need to invest in the right cannabis nutrients.

If you are growing in the soil, go for cannabis nutrients purposed for soil, and if you are growing in hydroponics, go for cannabis nutrients purposed for that.

For the plant to absorb nutrients with no hiccups, you have to maintain stable PH levels in the growth medium, and especially around the roots.

Get Quality Marijuana Strains

If you are a novice grower, and you have no connections with established growers, you might have a rough time selecting the best strains.

Resist the urge to make on-the-spur decisions, for you might regret them, but be sure to perform due diligence.

There are many seed banks with an online presence, and you may visit their websites and see what customers are saying.

Don’t limit yourself to your country of residence. Some Americans seem to think that only America can give them the best strain. Nope.

There are seed banks in Europe that provide superior strains, and they can be even more fairly priced than America.

Cannabis Seeds Germination, Flowering & Harvesting

There are many ways of germinating cannabis seeds, and the method that is fit for you may depend on your resources and goals.

Whether it be the paper towel growth method, using rapid rooters, a germination station, or soaking seeds in water, you have to know what method suits your needs.

When leaves first appear, that’s an announcement for the vegetative stage, and the supply of nutrients and sunlight needs to be consistent so that the plant produces super-healthy marijuana buds.

When the marijuana buds start emitting a strong scent, and new white hairs are not forthcoming, that’s a major sign that the plant is ready for harvest.

After harvest, you want to dry out your marijuana buds, and then cure them to enhance their consistency, aroma, and flavor.

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