How Do I Pass a Cannabis Urine Test?

A drug test can be performed to determine whether or not you have been using marijuana.

Marijuana is prohibited in various backgrounds, and authority figures may conduct random drug tests to see whether anyone contravenes this policy.

Urine tests are the most preferred because they are fast, convenient, painless, and cost-effective.

A urine sample is analyzed to see if the individual used marijuana recently, regardless of whether the effects have waned.

Some of the factors that affect the accuracy of a urine test include body mass, level of hydration, and lapse of time since drug ingestion.

Failing a drug test can mess you up, especially if it concerns law enforcement or your employer.

THC Urine Test

This test is performed quickly, roughly five minutes, and it involves dipping a strip in a urine sample.

It not only specifies the form of cannabis in the system but also detects how the product had been ingested.

THC urine tests are especially common.

Does Marijuana Stay in the System for Long?

It helps to know for how long THC molecules can hang on in your blood before they ultimately fade away.

This knowledge would help you sync your marijuana habits so that you’re clean before taking a drug test (only works if it ain’t random).

When you ingest marijuana, the chemical compound THC is carried to your brain, and euphoria kicks in. You get high, but not forever.

Marijuana may be detected in your system for up to months since ingestion, but different factors can affect test accuracy.

What Influences the Ease of THC Detection?

These are some of the factors that determine how long THC molecules hang on in your system:

1. Rate of use

If your friend gave you a blunt and you dragged on it a couple of times and gave it back, there won’t be that many THC molecules coasting in your blood, say a week later. But if you are a heavy marijuana user, THC molecules will be around your system for several months.

2. Sex

THC is detected in women far easier than in men. Women have a far slower metabolism rate than men thanks to their higher body fat levels. Men metabolize marijuana far quicker which allows the body to start getting rid of it.

3. Obesity

THC molecules like clinging onto fat cells. Thus, the higher your body mass index, the slower your body can get rid of the weed.

4. Dehydration

If the water levels in your body are less-than-average, the THC concentration would be high, allowing for quick detection.

5. Method of ingestion

Smoking or vaping marijuana enhances rapid excretion of THC, but taking edibles results in slow metabolism of marijuana, thus increasing the ease of detection.

Common Fallacies in Passing a Marijuana Urine Test

If you have been smoking cannabis forever, and you get this job, except the employer asks you to take a drug test before you begin work, of course, you’ll be desperate.

Doing any of the following would have you fail the drug test:

Detoxification kits: these kits usually contain chemicals that are supposed to minimize THC presence, and concurrently boost metabolism, except they don’t.

Masking urine samples: some people imagine they can outsmart authority and they put masking agents in their urine sample or even worse submit synthetic urine or someone else’s urine. Protocol demands that the testing body ascertains you have submitted your urine, but if they discover foul play it puts you in a bad place.

Can I Beat Marijuana Urine Test?

The technology for detecting THC molecules in urine is so darn on point you cannot outsmart it.

But you can minimize THC levels in your body to hopefully acceptable levels. Follow these tips:

  • Drink lots of water to flush it out of your system.
  • Perform high-intensity exercises to tear away THC molecules from fat cells.
  • Stop taking weed if you expect a drug test soon.

Marijuana Drug Test Calculator

Nowadays you can take a cannabis urine test on your own to see the THC levels in your system. Hopefully, the US president will legalize cannabis federally and spare people unnecessary anxiety.