How Can I Make CBD Capsules at Home ?

Maybe you are the type of person with a personal philosophy of not consuming industrial wellness products, but you care enough to prepare your versions.

CBD is helping a lot of people to turn their lives around, and one of the popular ways of consuming CBD is through capsules.

In this guide, we show you how to prepare CBD capsules right at home, a procedure that saves you money and helps you live mindfully.

And heaven knows you can turn this knowledge into a business idea, I mean, the demand for CBD products is soaring, and there’s nothing to stop you from cashing in too.

Reasons for Preparing Homemade CBD

There are numerous reasons why someone might want to prepare their own CBD capsules, but all of them are super valid.

Cost: generally, the cost of a store-bought bottle of CBD capsules is up to three times greater than homemade CBD capsules. Maybe money is tight or you have a sharp spending discipline and want to cut down your expenses. You only have to buy the ingredients and prepare your own CBD capsules at home.

Chemicals: you know, the CBD market is somewhat unregulated, and many international players might have inferior standards. There are many unscrupulous sellers and you might end up buying something laden with excessive chemicals, and instead of risking consuming inferior products, you have the option of making your CBD capsules.

Potency: sadly, many companies lie about their CBD concentration. In other words, their capsules contain less CBD than advertised. They are greedy and want to maximize their profits by doing in their customers.

The Downside of Homemade CBD Capsules

We don’t want to make it seem like preparing CBD capsules at home is the best option you have, because there are certain areas that it falls short.

Manufacturing: you see, top companies have superior resources that make the extraction and manufacturing process solid, but you have none of that and have to rely on basic devices to produce your capsules.

Packaging: you’ll also notice that most companies ship off products that are very well packaged because they have a whole department that checks into that. But when you prepare CBD capsules at home, it can be a challenge to pack them well.

Making CBD Capsules at Home

There are two ways to go about it: you may purchase isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil and then encapsulate it, or you may prepare CBD from the ground up and fill out capsules.


  • CBD concentrate and hemp flower
  • Coconut oil
  • Empty capsules
  • Capsules holder
  • Syringe


The first method involves using concentrates or tinctures.

  • Using a double boiler, heat the coconut oil to 150 degrees
  • Add the concentrate
  • Lower the heat over the next 20 minutes as the concentrate gets mixed with oil
  • Withdraw from heat and allow to cool to room temperature
  • Put capsule bottoms in the capsule holder
  • Stir the mixture and draw it into the syringe
  • Fill each capsule bottom with the CBD oil and close it with the capsule top
  • Ensure the capsules are fitted smoothly


The second method involves using hemp flower.

  • Using a double boiler, heat the mixture of hemp flower, coconut oil, and water on medium heat for up to 4 hours
  • Strain the mixture and allow it to cool so that the oil becomes hard and the plant matter sinks to the bottom
  • Withdraw the hardened oil and reheat it so that it melts
  • Put the capsule bottoms in the capsule holder
  • Draw the oil into the syringe and fill the capsule bottoms
  • Close the capsules securely

Shelf Life of Homemade CBD Capsules

Generally, CBD products have a long shelf life, especially if they are industrially produced, but with homemade products, it can be tricky.

With locally made CBD capsules, you are likely to experience oil leaks, and this can ruin the freshness of the product in a couple of weeks.

Thus, you might want to prepare just enough CBD capsules to last you two weeks, and then you can prepare a fresh batch.

Properly stored capsules will preserve their freshness than poorly stored capsules, and so, ensure that you place your CBD capsules in a dry and cool environment.

Also, if you think of adding other chemicals, especially for purposes of improving taste, first check to see whether it ruins freshness.

Important Tips

The following are some of the factors you need to focus on to produce the best quality CBD capsules.

  • Have the capsules in varying sizes. It makes it easy for you to get the dosage right.
  • Decarboxylase the concentrate and the hemp flower for best results
  • Use natural terpenes or flavor-enhancers as opposed to chemicals
  • Connect the bottom and top caps smoothly
  • Use appropriate tools to refrain from making a mess

By preparing CBD capsules at your home, rather than buying online, you get to save money.

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