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Honest Hemp Review

In a niche plagued by countless money-grabbing companies, the name “Honest Hemp” sits well with CBD buyers.

This company is anchored on equality, sustainability, and yes, an unchanging commitment to honesty.

Using premium industrial hemp, they only make 100% organic hemp products. The company is helping numerous people in the UK to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As new studies come out on the health benefits of CBD, and as hemp gets demystified before the public, more people are welcoming the idea of improving their health with cannabis products.

But these need a dependable hemp company (like Honest Hemp) with an unchanging commitment to product quality.

What Honest Hemp Offers

CBD oils: this is a pretty standard offering across CBD companies. Honest Hemp CBD oil comes in varying flavors and concentrations.

CBD sprays: instead of wearing just any fragrance, opt for infused spray, so that CBD molecules sink into your body via the skin.

CBD edibles: putting CBD into eatables is another common way of ingesting CBD. It may cause slow CBD absorption, but excessive consumption of edibles causes tsunamic CBD effects.

CBD topicals: if you be having skin disorders or some parts of your body be developing soreness, just put some topicals on the affected region and the unease soon fades away.

CBD e-liquids: vaping CBD leads to rapid effects onset and fast elimination of CBD from the system. You may choose CBD e-liquids with varying flavors and concentrations.

Catering to the UK Market

Honest Hemp is a British hemp giant with vertically-integrated operations. They are involved in growing, manufacturing, and producing superior cannabidiol products.

They have a commitment to ethical practices like transparency, purity, and adhering to high-quality standards.

Honest Hemp performs due diligence when taking on new associates and suppliers to eliminate any possibility for mistakes during the entire process of creating their products.

Their broad-spectrum CBD products are enriched with flavonoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, and a range of cannabinoids (save for THC).

Thus, their products are super-effective at relieving health problems like pain and anxiety and promoting holistic wellness.

Using superior extraction technology, they harvest premium hemp extracts, thus putting down a solid foundation for quality CBD products.

Their products are 3rd party lab-tested, and thus highly pure, with no trace of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, or microbials.

The company is run by a team of experienced professionals, and there’s an excellent customer support team waiting to resolve any issues you might have.

Pros of Honest Hemp

  • Fast orders. Honest Hemp doesn’t slack. They want you to get your package in the least time possible and start improving your health. The order practically arrives the next day.
  • No psychoactive effects. Their products are based on broad-spectrum CBD. There’s zero THC in that thing. And so, you cannot possibly get high from consuming Honest Hemp products. Most people take broad-spectrum CBD because it doesn’t have any mind-altering effects.
  • Highly pure. They have advanced extraction methods, and they also put their products through 3rd party lab tests, thus making sure the product is pure and of supreme quality.
  • Wholesale prices. If you’re a CBD reseller, you may contact them and get discounted wholesale prices.
  • Accepting major credit cards. They accept several credit cards during checkout.

Cons of Honest Hemp

  • No money-back-guarantee disclaimer. CBD users like being able to return the product suppose it fails to work. If Honest Hemp has a free trial, they don’t make it obvious.


This UK hemp company is in the business of providing quality hemp products. They use premium industrial hemp and advanced extraction methods.

Their customer service is something to write home about, offering rapid assistance through both telephone and email correspondence.

Whether you’re looking for CBD oils, CBD sprays, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and CBD vape juices, you can get them from Honest Hemp. Check them out.

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