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HHC Negative Effects

HHC, short for hexahydrocannabinol, is a popular THC derivative. With mild psychoactive properties, HHC registers a couple of therapeutic benefits like reduced pain and mental calm.

Since HHC has psychotropic effects, once you take it, you may experience a euphoric and calming mental high. One thing people are curious about is whether HHC has negative effects.

Like any cannabinoid, HHC can cause you to feel certain side effects like the following.

It can induce poor coordination. Once an HHC high kicks in, you might feel a rush of different feelings and emotions, which can cause you to become susceptible to losing coordination.

It can trigger paranoia. HHC is the literal daughter of THC, and just like THC, HHC wields the potential to make one paranoid, especially if consumed in greater doses or higher frequencies.

It can cause lethargy. Lethargy describes the situation where one feels like they’re tired and have low energy levels. HHC, like THC, can make a newbie feel low-energy and lethargic.

It can cause drug interactions. Drug interactions describe the occasion whereby chemicals react. HHC can react against certain drugs, thus minimizing drug effectiveness.

It can lead to a dry mouth. Mouth dryness is one of the common side effects of ingesting cannabinoids. HHC can also trigger mouth dryness, but it may be improved through hydration.

It can trigger nausea or vomiting. Although uncommon, HHC may cause inexperienced consumers to feel nauseatic, but the feeling usually goes away with time.