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HHC Gummies Overview: Do HHC Gummies Get You High?

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the minor cannabinoids in hemp. Since it exists in small amounts, commercial HHC is typically created in the lab.

Different cannabinoids like CBD and delta 8 THC are subjected to a series of hierarchical chemical processes, including hydrogenation, to produce HHC.

Gummies are one of the popular HHC products. As a tetrahydrocannabinol kindred, HHC gummies are delicious but contain some psychoactive properties too.

Although most consumers learned about HHC products fairly recently, HHC was discovered way back: HHC was discovered in the 1940s by the chemist Roger Adams.

Roger Adams, the American organic chemist who’s credited with helping determine the true nature of vegetable oils, created HHC when he fused THC with hydrogen.

Why HHC Gummies Get You High

When you consume HHC gummies, you will soon experience moderate psychotropic effects like relaxation, euphoria, and sedation, which are characteristic of a high.

You see, HHC is a close relative of THC, and THC is the psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant that causes people to experience a body and mental buzz.

Upon HHC ingestion, like various other cannabinoids, HHC interacts with the endocannabinoid system, exerting an influence on diverse systems that culminates into a high.

Different people experience the HHC high differently. Since gummies are taken orally, the psychotropic effects might delay for a bit, but they linger around for hours.

The precise time that the high will last is dependent on different factors like the amount you ingest, your genetic profile, and whether you supplement HHC with other products.

HHC Gummies Effects and Benefits

Although HHC gummies came to the market recently, they’re garnering widespread popularity. It’s down to the fact that HHC is laden with many positive effects and benefits.

Scientists might not have concluded the precise nature and benefits of HHC gummies, but early studies and personal accounts suggest that HHC has the following effects.

1. Relaxation Agent

HHC contains a range of compounds and ingredients that exert a relaxant and calming effect on the mind and body. This makes HHC gummies an ideal daytime supplement.

2. Pain Relief

There are different ways that pain can assault you; injuries, autoimmune diseases; and infections. HHC, like CBD and THC, has been suggested to help minimize pain.

3. Anxiety Relief

Anxiety describes the condition where a person experiences unwarranted fear. A person suffering from anxiety struggles to feel comfortable or form relationships, as more often than not they self-sabotage. HHC may have anxiolytic properties that minimize anxiety.

4. Sleep Improvement

Millions of people struggle with different sleep disorders like insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea. HHC has been suggested to help people fall asleep faster and experience deep and relaxing sleep throughout the night without any sleep-related issues.

5. Uplifted Moods

Low moods can be triggered by anything: job loss, marital woes, financial hardships, and so on. When you’re experiencing low moods, it can be hard to stay productive, but HHC is suggested to influence various chemical activities within the brain to trigger happiness.

HHC Gummies VS Delta 8 Gummies

Both HHC and delta 8 are cannabinoids of the hemp plant, and both cannabinoids are found in small amounts in their natural form. They are both mass-produced synthetically.

Although HHC and delta 8 share to a degree structural similarities with THC, HHC is much closer to THC, since it contains roughly 80% of the strength of THC.

Thus, HHC may be less potent than THC, but HHC is more potent than delta 8, and the signature THC side effects become apparent following a great HHC dose.

HHC Gummies VS CBD Gummies

While HHC exists in small amounts in the hemp plant, CBD or cannabidiol exists in generous amounts in the hemp plant, and these cannabinoids have major differences.

For one, commercial HHC extracts are prepared in the laboratory, since it makes no economic sense to extract HHC from plants. On the other hand, commercial CBD extracts are acquired from the stalks and leaves of hemp plants via different extraction processes.

HHC contains a chemical structure that to a degree mimics THC, and like THC, HHC can exert psychotropic effects. On the other hand, CBD doesn’t share a close likeness with THC in terms of chemical structure, which separates their properties.

While HHC can deliver psychoactive effects, CBD cannot deliver psychoactive effects. Certain forms of CBD may contain the psychoactive ingredient THC, but still, the THC amounts are low that they wouldn’t cause a high; they cause the entourage effect.

HHC Gummies VS THC Gummies

HHC and THC are almost like sisters or cousins, except that commercial HHC is prepared in the laboratory whereas commercial THC is acquired from marijuana plants.

HHC typically wields 80% of the power of THC. Therefore, HHC like THC has an innate potential of activating a psychotropic high, but generally, HHC is less potent than THC.

One of the major differences between these cannabinoids is the time that their highs last. Since HHC is chemically modulated, it can produce a high that can stick around for more than 10 hours, whereas THC typically produces a high that can last up to six hours.

Are HHC Gummies Legal?

The legal status of HHC can be termed ambiguous. You know, HHC can trigger psychotropic effects, but then again HHC can be gotten from CBD, which is federally legal.

Although HHC products exist in that universe of legal ambiguity, it’s interesting to note that law enforcement officers in most states are reluctant to cut down HHC merchants.

However, there are a few states where cannabinoids other than CBD are met with palpable government opposition. These states include Idaho, Colorado, and South Carolina.

Do HHC Gummies Cause any Side Effects?

Most people consume HHC gummies without any side effects. However, there have been a few reports of people experiencing side effects after taking HHC.

It’s important to note that if you’re a first-timer, there’s a likelihood to experience some side effects as the body adjusts to the foreign cannabinoids.

But generally, the side effects usually fade away as your body becomes acclimatized to the cannabinoids and starts benefiting from the diverse HHC benefits.

Also, non-adherence to dosage guidelines may predispose one to various side effects from HHC. The following are some of the reported side effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Perplexity
  • Exhaustion
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Dry mouth

Why HHC Shows Up on a Drug Test

Drug tests are designed to detect restricted metabolites like THC-COOH and its variants, and yes, HHC can make you fail a drug test. You see, HHC is like a cousin of THC.

The amount of time it takes for your body to flush out HHC molecules is dependent on different factors like dose, frequency of use, and genetics, but it’s like two to four weeks.

And so, if you’re expecting to get a drug test for whatever reason, you’re better off avoiding HHC gummies and sticking to non-psychotropic products like Broad Spectrum CBD.

Are HHC Gummies Safe and Good?

The research on the short-term and long-term benefits of HHC isn’t conclusive. But, anecdotally, HHC is 100% safe for human consumption in different formats.

Since HHC products hit the market, there have been no reports of sicknesses or deaths associated with HHC, which means that HHC cannot harm people.

But then it’s important to understand that a consumer is safe as long as they consume quality HHC products. Not all HHC businesses and sellers are honest. If you buy inferior HHC gummies, you risk consuming non-lab-tested, low-quality HHC gummies.

Although HHC gummies have zero toxicity even after an overdose, it’s important to stick to the dosage guidelines, so you experience the full range of benefits with no side effects.

Is It Okay to Fly with HHC Gummies?

As long as your HHC gummies are formulated with hemp-derived HHC, you’re not going to face any legal problems if you fly with your HHC gummies within America.

But you have to realize that some countries have a hostile attitude toward anything cannabis, and it’s safe to find out whether your destination is hostile to cannabis or not.

Some of the best things about HHC gummies are that they are delicious, easy to consume, and can be taken anywhere. Admittedly, flying with HHC gummies is quite fun.

HHC Gummies Dosage: How Many HHC Gummies Should I Eat?

There’s no standard HHC dose; different people require different doses. Some of the factors that influence the ideal dose include potency, frequency of use, and genetics.

To enjoy the complete range of benefits of taking HHC, you need to get the dosage right, or else you may end up struggling with some side effects. If you’re new to HHC gummies, you should start with a small dose before adjusting to a greater dose.

Generally, for inexperienced consumers, it’s recommended to take 5mg – 10mg per serving, for slightly experienced consumers, it’s recommended to take 10mg – 30mg per serving, and for veteran consumers, it’s recommended to take 30mg – 60mg of HHC.

Depending on whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, you may need to take anywhere from one to three HHC gummies per serving. If your tolerance goes up, consider taking a break.

The Best HHC Gummies

The following are some of the highly reputable brands of HHC gummies:

1. Artisan & Fresh

2. Koi HHC Gummies

3. 3CHI

4. Zen Master

5. Happi

6. Happi URB

7. Artisan

8. CannaAid

9. Baba

10. Baked

11. BudPop

12. Bearly Legal Hemp

13. Chill Plus Max

14. Dazed

15. Dharma

16. Exhale Wellness

17. EarthE

18. Forge Hemp Company

19. Flying Monkey

20. GreenPost

21. Just HHC

22. TRĒ House

23. Delta King

24. Rift

Free Samples of HHC Gummies

HHC gummies are delicious, smooth, and flavorful. If you’re not so sure whether to buy HHC gummies, you can still get your hands on some free samples, and then you’ll decide whether HHC gummies are good for you. We guess that you’ll end up loving the HHC gummies.