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Half Day CBD Review

Half Day CBD is on a mission to make your mind and body 100%. They have even been featured on authority sites like Forbes, Thrillist, and Fitness Formula Clubs.

The reason why Half Day CBD is synonymous with quality is that they make an effort to use only the best of whatever is needed.

They source their industrial hemp from licensed USA & Canadian farmers, and the strains are specially bred to form a unique cannabinoid profile.

Before signing on a new supplier, Half Day ensures that its cannabis plants are neither genetically modified nor planted in polluted soils (considering the bioaccumulation tendencies of cannabis plants).

What Half Day CBD Offers

CBD oil: it doesn’t contain even a tinge of chemicals, but its CBD oil is of the highest quality, helping you manage a variety of health problems.

Flower: they offer several CBD-rich sativa buds. These are ideal for rolling a joint and inhaling CBD, but you may also make do with pre-rolled joints.

Gummies: the effects might be slow in coming, but once they kick in they hang on for the longest.

Topicals: hemp topicals are especially helpful if you have a skin disorder or if some part of your body experiences pain. When applied liberally, they make for rapid effects.

Pros of Half Day CBD

  • Organic ingredients. The importance of using non-GMO hemp for making CBD products cannot be overstated. Half Day CBD uses industrial hemp from licensed US and Canadian hemp farmers, which is organically-organically grown and contains no chemicals. And this enables them to create products with great CBD concentration.
  • Superior extraction method. Some cash-strapped CBD companies may use archaic methods to extract CBD from industrial hemp, risking contamination in the form of solvent residuals. But Half Day uses the supercritical c02 extraction method that guarantees the maximum extraction of cannabinoids and at the same time prevents contamination by solvent residuals.
  • 3rd-party lab-testing. It’s easy for a company to announce that its products have been tested by an independent lab. Half Day CBD cares about transparency which is why they make public the independent lab reports. 3rd party lab tests let customers know that the product is of the highest quality.
  • Full-spectrum products. They contain an extensive cannabinoid profile. This promotes the synergistic working of cannabinoids for health improvement. Full-spectrum CBD products are considered more powerful than isolate CBD products. Half Day CBD offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD products to increase the options that customers have.
  • Free trial. They have great faith in their products, so much so that if you not be pleased, you have up to 30 days to return their product and get your money back. A scammy CBD company can never provide this condition because they know that their products hardly work.
  • Quality customer experience. Every great company must invest in quality customer service and Half Day adheres to this rule. And so, if you have any problem, just contact their customer support and they will resolve the matter in the least time possible.

Cons of Half Day

  • Only serves US customers. When people from other countries stumble on this company, and then they realize they are not the target market, they probably ask, “What did we do to deserve this?” Yep, Half Day serves customers based in the continental US but they might bring their services to the world eventually.
  • Low product variety. Their product categories don’t seem large.


Half Day is a highly transparent CBD company. Their products are next-level as far as quality and they offer them at reasonable prices.

Its founders have a background in the wellness industry, and they are committed to providing excellent services.

Half Day products have been featured on authority sites like LA Weekly and DoorDash for a reason: they are superior. Check them out.