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Grow Tents for Hemp Plants

Whether you grow hemp plants as a hobby or for commercial purposes, you can’t go wrong with using grow tents. Grow tents typically simulate an ideal environment for growing healthy hemp plants.

With a grow tent, growing plants couldn’t be easier. You can set up the grow tent in a spare room, garage, or even basement and supply all the necessary materials, and you’ll be ready to grow your plants.

Apart from providing an optimum amount of light, warmth, and other essential factors, grow tents help with blocking or shutting out various harmful things like bugs and viruses that can reduce the yield.

In this post, we touch on some of the questions that people have asked about grow tents.

10 reasons to use a grow tent

The following are 10 benefits of using grow tents in growing hemp plants:

1. It allows you to control all the factors of the grow room environment like temperature and ventilation

2. You’re not confined to seasons; you can grow plants all year around since all factors are available

3. It allows you to maximize crop yield and harvest healthy plants because of keeping out diseases

4. It allows you to put your space to maximum use considering that you can use even your kitchen

5. It grants you privacy, unlike outdoor growing where every detail or activity is apparent to passersby

6. It allows you to increase your ROI because you can provide all the essentials and maximize profit

7. Grow tents are relatively easy to set up and maintain

8. It promotes the circulation of fresh air

9. Grow tents allow you to tend to your plants much better and also provide maximum security

10. Grow tents are portable; they can be moved around, unlike outdoor grow environments

Are grow tents worth it?

Grow tents are 100% worth it!

When you use a grow tent, you’re fully in control of the grow room environment, but the same cannot be said when you’re growing your plants outside, since the plants may be destroyed by animals or diseases.

If you’re cultivating hemp plants in your home, or a vicinity close to your home, using grow tents will help with trapping the odor, which ensures that no bad smell spills into the rest of your house.

Photoperiods have a significant influence on the achievement of healthy plants and outstanding yields. You don’t want the light to be excessive or deficient; grow tents are useful in preventing light leakage.

Traits of the best grow tents

The following are some of the traits of quality grow tents:

1. Sturdy and high-density canvas

2. Viewing ports

3. Air pockets

4. Duct ports

5. Thick poles

6. Water-resistant floor tray

7. Mylar reflective film

8. Fans

9. Grow lamps

10. Hangers and movers

10 best grow tents

The following are the 10 best grow tents:

1. Gorilla Grow Tent

2. The Bud Grower



5. Ultra Yield

6. Growbuds

7. HTG Supply

8. GroWell

9. CoolGrows

10. GrowGuru

What size of grow tent do I need for my hemp plants?

It depends on the hemp strain; some hemp plants are tall, and others are short. Always make sure to get a grow tent that won’t suffocate your precious plants. Generally, each plant takes 2 x 2 feet of grow space.

Things to consider when buying a grow tent

1. Check to see that the canvas is heavy duty

2. Ensure the tent has strong poles

3. Ensure the tent has viewing portals

4. Ensure the tent is the correct size for your plants

5. Check to see that the tent has solid zippers

6. Ensure the grow tent is insulated against water leaks

7. Carbon filters for trapping odor

8. Ease of installation and maintenance

9. Air pockets for seamless ventilation

10. Check to see if the price matches the value

How to avoid grow tent light leakage

The first thing is to make sure that you’re using a quality grow tent whose fabric is solid and sturdy. Also, cover the windows and doors, and routinely check for light leakages.

What are the roles of fans in grow tents?

Thanks to emissions and grow lights, it gets hot in the grow room. Fans help with ushering fresh air into the grow room, thus cooling things down and allowing plants to take fresh air.

What’s the best grow tent size

Different factors influence the ideal grow tent size. But generally, the ideal grow tent size is 4 X 4 X 7ft.

Grow tent placement tips

  • Minimize potential damage by insulating the floors and surfaces
  • Choose a vicinity or room where electricity can be easily accessed
  • Choose an area that will not be susceptible to noise and light leaks
  • Minimize potential damage by insulating the floors and surfaces
  • Choose an area with proper security and privacy

Grow tent setup tips

  • Choose an ideal location
  • Avoid using over carpeting
  • Ensure that the power is sufficient
  • Assemble all your tools including a screwdriver and tape measure
  • Unbox the entire grow tent package
  • Establish the appropriate grow tent configuration
  • Stand the tent, install the carbon filter, grow lights, and fans
  • Check for technical issues

Should I grow cannabis plants in multiple tents or a single multi-chamber tent?

Multiple tents allow you to isolate specific tents for both vegetative growth and flowering.

Selecting the right light for your grow tent

If your plants are at the vegetative stage, HPS lamps are ideal; and if the plants are at the flowering stage, LED lights are ideal.

Ways to control odors or smells in a grow tent

Some of the critical accessories for managing odors and smells in a grow tent include carbon filters, ozone generators, and odor neutralizers.

What to do if your grow tent is too small

Always ensure you’re using the grow tent with the correct size.

Factors or elements you must fulfill in a grow tent

You must provide sufficient light, warmth, and a steady supply of fresh air.

Torn between a grow tent and a grow room?

Generally, grow tents are better than grow rooms.