Grow Tent Kits for Indoor Hemp Growing

The demand for CBD is rising, and many people have started to cultivate hemp for both private and commercial reasons.

You can grow hemp in an indoor or outdoor setting, but indoor growing is ideal as it provides climate control and multiple harvests.

But, to create the perfect indoor growing center, you’ll need various grow accessories that make the conditions appropriate for hemp growing.

Grow tents: these are typically made of sturdy fabric and lay the framework for the ideal hemp-growing environment. Accessories like fans and lights are needed to optimize the growing conditions. Some hemp growers might prefer buying just the grow tents and improvising the internal growing environments as they wish.

Custom Grow Kits: hemp growers don’t have uniform needs; some of them have irregular growing spaces and different goals that necessitate adjustments. Custom kits have been made to fulfill the specific needs of their indoor hemp-growing center.

Grow tent kits: with complete grow tent kits, you never stress about compatibility or size; all the accessories for the growing environment are in the correct shape, form, and size. Complete grow tent kits feature grow tent,  grow lights, air filtration systems, time devices, thermometers, hygrometers, plant receptacles, and other accessories.

Complete Grow Tent Kits for Indoor Hemp Cultivation

Whether you’re planning to convert your closet, spare room, or garage into an indoor hemp-growing center, you will require different growing accessories. The following is the range of accessories included in complete grow tent kits.

1. Grow Tent

It’s one of the fundamental indoor growing accessories. The best grow tents are typically tall, thick, and strong, and are designed for efficiency regardless of the growing medium. By investing in quality grow tents, you never have to worry about the hemp plant outgrowing the lights or room.

With outdoor hemp growing, your hemp plants are vulnerable to pests. But, grow tents offer security, and make it easy to confine the scent of the plants. Grow tents come in diverse designs, and are made out of different fabrics.

Quality grow tents have enough air pockets; quality viewing windows, powerful zippers, and excellent insulation to avoid water leaks. Grow tents are versatile and adaptable, energy-efficient, and make it easy for you to fully control the growing environment.

Always consider the following factors when buying grow tents:

  • Projected plant yield
  • Energy costs
  • Growing media

2. Carbon Filters

Cannabis plants are rich in terpenes, which causes them to develop a conspicuous odor, and without a filtration system, the smell can spread throughout and cause things to be uncomfortable. To confine hemp flower scent to your indoor growing center, and preserve air integrity, you’ll need carbon filters.

As the name suggests, carbon filters use carbon to trap odor-ridden air before purifying it and arresting the odor. By using carbon filters, you can grow your hemp plants discreetly, and without letting the smell travel everywhere to inconvenience other people.

Always make sure to install carbon filters that match the size of your growing center. With proper setup, the air in your grow room is purified. To achieve maximum effectiveness, you need to clean up your carbon filters at least once every month.

3. In-Line Fans

Air circulation is a critical element in indoor hemp cultivation. With great air circulation, the plants grow faster, achieve greater yields, and are less susceptible to pest and mold activity. In-line fans promote excellent air circulation in indoor hemp growing. They ensure that the plants receive a steady stream of fresh air while the hot air is eliminated.

4. Lightproof Ducting

The lightproof ducting is connected to the extraction fan, and it allows for the extraction of unwanted air particles from the grow room. Ducting is available in diverse forms and designs, but the best ducting is usually lightproof with noise reduction capabilities.

5. Digital Timers

Light duration is an important element in optimizing plant yield and plant health. Digital timers help with automating light and darkness periods, scheduling hydroponic pumps, and recycling operations. Digital timers are a tremendous boost to indoor growing efficiency.

6. Thermometer and Hygrometer

Temperature and humidity are some of the critical elements of an indoor hemp-growing center. The plants achieve maximum yield when these factors are stabilized. And so, you need a thermometer and a hygrometer to constantly check temperature and humidity.

7. Trellis Netting

Trellis netting helps with propping up hemp plants, thus providing support, and maximizing the plant’s ability to receive air and light. Trellis netting play a role in boosting plant yield. Also, trellis netting makes your plant less susceptible to mold, bacteria, and fungi activity.

8. Hydroponics pH Control Kit

The pH levels of your growing medium can affect your plants’ ability to absorb nutrients. You want the pH levels to be always optimized. With hydroponics, it can be a bit tricky to test the pH of your solution. And so, the hydroponics pH control kit helps with testing the pH levels of your hydroponics solution.

9. Others

Other accessories that make up the complete grow kit include a charcoal pot, pumps, flood and drain kit, white flood table, lamps, light hangers, wall mount, and gear board.

Essential Factors of an Indoor Hemp Growing Environment

Many hemp producers prefer indoor hemp growing, as it grants them full control, and allows the plants to grow faster, and achieve greater yields, with excellent bud quality.

But, to achieve all these benefits, the indoor hemp growing environment needs to be ideal. The following are some of the essentials for an ideal hemp-growing environment:

1. Light

Light is an essential factor in plant growth. Cannabis plants have different light needs at different stages of their growth cycle. When growing hemp plants outdoors, the sun provides consistent sunlight, thus helping the plants to produce flowers and mature.

But, when growing hemp plants in an indoor setting, the sun is blocked out, and so, you have to install an artificial source of light. There are different kinds of grow light systems, and the ideal one will depend on your budget, space needs, and the hemp plant’s growth stage.

The periods of light and darkness need to be properly apportioned. This is especially important when the hemp plant is transitioning from the vegetative growth stage to flowering. Sufficient lighting also has a positive contribution to plant health, plant yield, and shortened growth cycle.

2. Temperature

Hemp plants usually thrive in temperatures ranging from 65 – 85 °F, which is why, regions with extreme temperatures are not ideal for outdoor hemp farming. But, with indoor hemp cultivation, you can modulate the temperatures so that you have a perfect growing center.

Some indoor grow accessories, like grow lights, usually produce a lot of heat, and excessive heat can damage plant integrity. Also, extremely low temperatures can delay the growth cycle. And so, make sure that you leverage temperature regulation systems to provide an ideal indoor growing center.

3. Ventilation

With outdoor hemp growing, the plants receive a constant stream of fresh air, while their by-products escape into the atmosphere. But, with indoor hemp growing, you must provide a ventilation system that supports fresh air supply and eliminates hot junk air.

You may purchase an air filtration system that doesn’t output excessive heat, and that works with great effectiveness. The best air filtration systems are made of sturdy materials and don’t exert a massive strain on energy.

4. Water

Hemp plants require a regular water supply to be able to sustain their health and hit maximum yield. The water is critical in photosynthesis and stabilizing pH. Water purity can affect the results. You may invest in irrigation ports to ensure minimal water wastage.

The Takeaway: Complete Grow Tent Kits for Indoor Hemp-Growing

If you’re looking to grow hemp plants privately, you need to simulate the perfect growing environment, and you need to invest in quality indoor grow tent kits. Complete tent kits have all the essentials like carbon filters and digital timers, and they are critical in boosting plant health and yield.


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