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GreenIVe Hemp Oil Review

Many people have consumed GreenIVe hemp oil and touted it to their friends, but is this brand of hemp oil worth the hype?

GreenIVe hemp oil is manufactured in a facility in Idaho, and although the product is not USDA certified, the manufacturer insists that it is 100% organic.

Since the product is available on Amazon, and Amazon is openly anti-CBD, we can posit that GreenIVe doesn’t contain any THC content.

The product contains stevia, which is a natural sweetening agent that doesn’t compromise health. Thus the product tastes better than average raw CBD oil.

Features of GreenIVe Hemp Oil

The following are some of its distinct qualities.

American hemp seeds: hemp oil is obtained by beating hemp seeds. But then the quality of hemp oil is proportional to the quality of hemp seeds. GreenIVe hemp oil is based on American-farmed hemp, thus the resultant hemp oil is of the greatest quality.

High concentration: one of the major problems in the hemp and CBD markets is dishonest sellers that market their products with falsities. When a seller claims that their product is highly potent, customers interpret that they are going to experience fast and strong effects. The hemp industry is a bit unregulated and dishonest sellers get away with cheating buyers. GreenIVe hemp oil consists of a tremendous hemp concentration (28000mg), meaning that the effects come thick and fast.

Quality processing: GreenIVe hemp oil has been manufactured in a government-approved facility in Idaho, and its standards are high. This means that the product meets the quality standards. Quality processing systems also create an enabling environment for innovation.

Lab-tested: hemp companies put their products through independent lab tests to ascertain ingredient integrity, and ensure that the product doesn’t contain any harmful substances like pesticides or heavy metals.

Free trial: the company has 100% faith in its products, which is why they extend a 30-day free trial to customers, allowing customers to return the product and request a refund in case the hemp oil doesn’t deliver any results.

Bundles: you may save money by buying different packs of GreenIVe hemp oil.

How to Take GreenIVe Hemp Oil

The company wants to make sure that you enjoy maximum results when you ingest hemp oil, which is why every tincture has the recommended dosage.

You can place a few drops of the GreenIVe hemp oil under your tongue, and wait for about 30 seconds for the hemp oil to be absorbed into your system. This ingestion method makes for rapid effects.

You may also mix the GreenIVe hemp oil tincture with your favorite food or beverage, and then proceed to enjoy them with the hemp oil buried there. This ingestion method is particularly appealing to people that dislike the earthy taste of raw hemp oil.

GreenIVe hemp oil may be applied topically, especially for purposes of nursing a wound or improving skin condition. Topical hemp oil use is perfect before bed.

Health Benefits of GreenIVe Hemp Oil

Hemp seed oil is rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids. Regular ingestion of CBD helps people to enjoy the following health benefits.

Enhanced skin health: hemp oil promotes soft and supple skin, and also helps with managing various skin disorders like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Minimized blood pressure: GreenIVe hemp oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that help with regulating blood pressure.

Pain relief: you can apply hemp seed oil to an infected or injured part of your body to eliminate pain.

Is GreenIVe the Best Hemp Extract?

Hemp oil may contain various compounds, but then it doesn’t contain critical cannabinoids like CBD and THC (in small amounts), which are essential for improving the therapeutic power of hemp extracts. But hemp oil contains a range of benefits including uplifted moods and increased energy levels. Thus, taking GreenIVe Hemp Oil may improve your well-being.