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Green Roads CBD Review

Having won awards in the best CBD products and most innovative product categories, you can be sure that Green Roads CBD is an exceptional company.

Most people are turning to CBD on their wellness journey. According to several scientific studies, CBD is proven effective for pain and anxiety relief, and improving sleep quality, among other benefits.

Regular consumption of hemp-derived CBD is one of the simple ways to improve your health. But then you need to use quality products.

Founded by Arbby Barroso and Laura Fuentes in 2011, Green Roads CBD has been consistently providing alternative health improvement means.

Top of the Range CBD Company

What makes Green Roads perfect is its unchanging mission of transforming people’s health with superior organic products.

The company puts the needs of the customer first. They only create products that they are sure will have a positive impact on customers’ lives.

Green Roads is founded by a team with a background in medicine, which is always finding new ways of improving its products and services.

Green Roads was built from scratch, and it lends a helping hand to various cannabis-centric organizations for the sake of demystifying hemp.

Apart from the quality products, customers also praise Green Roads CBD for its values, especially transparency and innovativeness.

Massive Product Selection

The company has been around since 2011, but through consistency, it has gone from a small-time business into a giant in the wellness industry. The company has diverse offerings.

Staff favorites: they have made the decision-making process a bit simpler. The staff recommends their best-performing CBD products like roll-ons, softgels, and chocolate bars.

Sleep pros: they are well aware that millions of Americans struggle with sleep disorders, and they have created products to make this problem go away. They also provide detailed answers to how CBD improves sleep quality, best practices for taking CBD for sleep, and the best products.

CBD for beginners: if you’re new to CBD, obviously there’s a lot that you’re unfamiliar with, and you may require guidance in buying the best products. Green Roads CBD offers a bundle for beginners that include Bliss Oil, Relax Bears, and Pain Relief Cream.

CBD for pets: CBD is effective in all creatures with a spinal column. And so, you may administer CBD to your furry friends to manage problems like anxiety, cancer, and diabetes.

Green Roads Provides Valuable Information to Customers

Unlike most other CBD companies that put just their products on the website, Green Roads goes an extra step by creating an information section aptly titled “CBD University”.

In this section, they provide all the basics about CBD. You will learn what is CBD, how it works, its benefits, the difference between broad-spectrum and full-spectrum, how to pick the perfect CBD product, and all about terpenes.

This section will introduce you to all the important information about CBD. It helps you not make mistakes while buying CBD products.

Pros of Green Roads CBD

  • They use premium US-grown hemp. Green Roads is not about to cut corners by importing third-rate industrial hemp from Mexico. They source their hemp from licensed US farmers in Colorado. Some of the important factors they look into include industrial hemp registration, certificate of origin, and certificate of analysis.
  • Superior extraction methods. They use the supercritical C02 extraction method which is essential in obtaining the purest yields; broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, or isolates.
  • No chemical impurities. They ensure that there aren’t any impurities like chemicals or heavy metals in their final product. They test their product for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial.
  • 3rd-party lab testing. The company puts its products through independent lab testing to uphold its vow of transparency and commitment to product quality.


Green Roads is renowned for its superior organic products. They’ve gotten to the top by creating winning CBD products.

Having won several Cannabis Business Awards, you can be sure that this company is doing everything right.

Their products are made with premium hemp extracts, they offer wide product varieties, and their website is filled with vital information. Check them out.

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