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Green Lotus Hemp Review

As more people wake up to the health benefits of CBD, it has led to a crazy demand for CBD products; Green Lotus offers hemp-based and lab-tested products.

We take drugs to manage a health condition, but CBD may be taken even when you have a clean bill of health, just so you have a healthy lifestyle.

CBD is incredibly versatile; drops, tinctures, sprays, balms, gummies, snacks, drinks, etc. There are numerous ways of consuming CBD.

Green Lotus makes its products using industrial hemp from Colorado farms, in GMP-certified facilities, within state laws.

The company has a following that comprises both CBD users and retailers. Thinking of becoming their customer? We’ll show you what the company is like.

What Green Lotus Offers

At the time of this writing, Green Lotus has an irresistible offer; they are giving a free 750MG bottle of hemp oil capsules on orders totaling $100 and above.

Utilizing organic hemp produced by domestic USA farmers, and formulating advanced CBD products, Green Lotus is creating an amazing mark.

Its product categories may not be massive, but it’s still something.

Tinctures: they are typically put underneath the tongue for fast absorption via sublingual blood vessels and thus fast kicking in of effects.

Gummies: gummies come in different fruity flavors, and they make for a steady way of keeping your body loaded with CBD.

Preroll joints: do you love smoking hemp flower? Then get you some preroll joints.

Softgels: they are typically ingested orally, but softgels create a mild and somewhat lengthy body buzz.

Topicals:  you may apply CBD creams and gels on your skin for rapid management of different skin disorders or elimination of pain.

Cartridges: do you like vaping? Vapin is arguably healthier than smoking cannabis products. Green Lotus offers premium cartridges for vaporizing cannabis material.

Pet products: they also offer infused soft chews and dog treats to ensure your furry friend stays with a sunny disposition.

Pros of Green Lotus Hemp

  • Store locator. Green Lotus products are available in thousands of stores across America. They have a search engine to help you locate stores near you that sell their products.
  • Rapid effects. The products have great potency causing high bioavailability and rapid effects onset. This is especially beneficial if you are battling serious health problems like cancer, epilepsy, and chronic pain.
  • Premium industrial hemp. Their products are exceedingly superior, and part of the reason is that they have been made using top-quality industrial hemp. Green Lotus performs due diligence before they take on suppliers and they ensure that their ingredients are 100% organic.
  • 3rd-party lab testing. CBD users are nowadays careful to see whether a product is certified by an independent lab. Green Lotus performs 3rd party lab tests on all its products and so customers are sure that they are receiving quality products.
  • Money-back guarantee. When you buy this product, you are going to be satisfied, and if not, you may complete the Return Form and give back the unused portion of the product, and they’ll return your money without a question.
  • Wholesale prices. Looking to start a CBD retail business? Just fill out the Wholesale Request Form and Green Lotus will show you wholesale prices.

Cons of Green Lotus Hemp

  • They don’t refund for goods destroyed during shipping. If your order arrives and you notice a problem, you must notify them within two days. But then Green Lotus has declared that they verify that their products are perfect before shipping and they are not to be held accountable if the product is damaged during shipping.
  • No customer reviews. There are no reviews on this company and we cannot tell what their customers are thinking. Customer reviews usually give us a hint of what a company (and its products) are like.


With over 4000 stores carrying Green Lotus products, you may use the search function on their website to see which store is closest to you.

But if you love shopping online just place your order and they will ship to your front door in a short period.

Green Lotus has a veteran program. They provide discounts to people who took military responsibilities to protect their country. Check them out.

Green Lotus Hemp