Green Garden Gold is one of the top CBD companies in the US. The company offers 100% organic products and it has an unchanging commitment to improving people’s health.

Justin Barrick – the co-founder and CEO – is experienced in the health, wellness, and fitness industries. He’s been at the helm since the company’s inception.

Since 2013, Green Garden Gold has provided nothing but high-quality hemp products. They only take on third-party associates who are on top of their game.

For instance, they source their industrial hemp from licensed USA farmers, who cultivate their hemp naturally and without the use of genetic modification agro-tech.

What Green Garden Gold Offers

CBD oils: they have CBD oils of varying strengths and flavors. CBD oil is generally ingested sublingually. But if you find the taste displeasing, you may infuse it with drinks or foods.

CBD capsules: it’s practically cannabidiol enclosed in a gelatinous material. CBD capsules are typically ingested orally. This method of ingestion makes for slow CBD absorption.

CBD topicals: topical CBD application results in a rapid onset of effects. It works best for pain relief and inducing calm and relaxation.

CBD edibles: most people that dislike raw CBD oil are open to infused edibles. These are delicious and the CBD kicks in slowly.

Pet CBD: the company also provides various CBD products for promoting pet wellness.

Money-Saving Programs

In these hard economic times, a company that offers its customers a way of saving money is a breath of fresh air.

Earn rewards program: you may earn rewards doing various activities on their platform, and these rewards may be redeemed as discounts. Some of the ways people earn rewards include buying products, sharing blog posts, and posting reviews and comments.

Subscribe and save program: if you are a regular CBD user, you may opt for recurring deliveries and get massive discounts. On the product page, check for the subscribe and save option before exiting.

Affiliate program: perhaps you know a few people who are looking to start using CBD, why not share with them your affiliate link, and get a commission for every successful purchase?

Pros of Green Garden Gold

  • Big on saving. It’s one of the CBD companies with several money-saving incentives. If you’re a regular CBD buyer, these money-saving initiatives allow you to preserve a ton of your cash.
  • High-quality cannabis products. The company proclaims that it has top-notch manufacturing standards and that it collaborates with the best suppliers, and its departments are staffed with experts.
  • Great packaging. The company puts a lot of effort into its packaging. This has helped the brand to be a lot more recognizable and it also has psychological benefits.
  • The company is committed to advancing the cannabis industry, which is why they invest in research and innovation, encouraging the creation of new and market-leading products.
  • Full-spectrum CBD. They use superior extraction methods to ensure high CBD concentrations and an extensive range of cannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD is popular among customers for its wide-ranging therapeutic benefits.
  • 30-days free trial. People who still doubt the effectiveness of CBD cheer up to the 30-days free trial, since they can return the product if it fails to work.

Cons of Green Garden Gold

  • Bad website design. It’s not the worst CBD website we have seen, but Justin might want to hire a designer to re-do the website.
  • No lab-testing disclaimer. We’re not saying that they don’t put their products through 3rd party lab-tests, but that they haven’t made a pronouncement on that. Also, in-house lab tests are not as effective as independent lab tests.
  • No international shipping. It appears that the company only serves the continental US market.


Since 2013, Green Garden Gold has been dedicated to creating award-winning cannabis products. They collaborate with licensed US farmers and they ensure their products are 100% organic.

Their products are enriched with phytochemicals, terpenes, and amino acids, and they don’t contain any herbicides, pesticides, or heavy metals.

Led by an excellent manager, Justin Barrick, Green Garden Gold is a top CBD company. Check them out.

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