You are currently viewing Grassdoor Review: The Safest, Fastest, and Most Reliable Online Cannabis Delivery

Grassdoor Review: The Safest, Fastest, and Most Reliable Online Cannabis Delivery

Grassdoor is a cannabis delivery company based out of California. Using their app, you can buy quality cannabis products and have them delivered to your address at relative speed.

Cannabis consumers have taken a huge liking to Grassdoor since it allows them to order cannabis products as though they were ordering pizza and soon the order arrives at their door.

The cannabis delivery market is getting more crowded by the day, but Grassdoor is one of the most visible cannabis delivery apps, allowing customers and patients to access cannabis easily.

Who is the Founder of Grassdoor?

Zack Ein founded Grassdoor in 2019. Zack has always pointed out that his plan is to ensure that Americans can access quality cannabis products with just a few taps of their smartphone.

Having recruited a genius technologist like Abhik Gupta, Grassdoor seems to be progressively making headway toward Zack’s dream by providing seamless cannabis shopping and delivery.

In California, the Grassdoor cannabis delivery service is one of the best in managing and delivering cannabis products. You can find a range of safe cannabis products on this app.

What is Grassdoor Used For?

Whether you consume cannabis products for recreational or medicinal reasons, you deserve to buy products that are prepared with safety standards, and this is what Grassdoor is all about.

1. Order High-Quality Cannabis Products

Thanks to its high standards, Grassdoor provides a broad range of superior cannabis products. Previously, most cannabis consumers relied on someone, commonly known as a plug, to get their supply of cannabis buds. But such dealers can supply low-quality cannabis buds.

2. Enjoy Fast, Reliable, and Discreet Cannabis Delivery

Some cannabis companies usually dispatch their orders the following day. However, Grassdoor executes delivery within hours after placing an order, allowing you to enjoy fresh and tasty products. Additionally, Grassdoor delivery is performed discreetly, keeping you under the radar.

3. Affordable Cannabis Products

Grassdoor partners with numerous cannabis companies to make certain that people access quality products. Thanks to numerous partnerships, Grassdoor enjoys a particular economy of scale, allowing it to offer some cushion to customers by providing coupons and promo codes.

Grassdoor Features and What We Love About Grassdoor

Grassdoor is deployed on a network of watertight technological infrastructure. Grassdoor partners with the best cannabis manufacturers and relies on professional delivery drivers who handle the products with ethics. On top of that, Grassdoor is stacked with amazing features.

1. Customizable

Cannabis consumers have varied tastes and preferences. As a cannabis consumer, you perhaps have a particular approach toward cannabis. Grassdoor helps customize these things.

2. Recommendations

Grassdoor is designed to analyze critical details and provide personalized recommendations so that you may get the best product. Grassdoor offers and extensive range of cannabis items.

3. Payments

Even though many financial institutions are hostile to cannabis businesses, Grassdoor has managed to integrate versatile payment systems, allowing customers and patients to pay for products with ease. Some of the payment forms include debit cards and HYPUR.

How to Use Grassdoor

Whether you visit the website or use the app, using Grassdoor is extremely easy. It’s free to sign up on Grassdoor, and it suffers no downtime. You can use Grassdoor by these steps.

1. Sign up to Grassdoor via the website or app

2. Check out the interactive menu to see what’s available

3. Add products to your cart and head to the checkout

4. Before paying, check to see if there’s a discount coupon

5. You can offer feedback about your shopping experience

When creating your grassdoor account, make sure to use a strong password and reinforce it with two-step verification, which keeps your account safe and provides secure sign-ins. Also, the following are some of the things to keep in mind when using Grassdoor:

  • You need to be 18 years plus to place an order on Grassdoor
  • You can track the delivery driver via your account to see the progress
  • Your order may take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours for your order to arrive
  • The speed of delivery may be affected by things like traffic and your location
  • You can place an order for cannabis any day between 2030hrs and 2130hrs
  • Your order cannot be received by someone else
  • If something is amiss, just contact support and they’ll sort you
  • If you’re from out of state, you need to have your ID to place an order

Grassdoor Menu: Cannabis Products Available on Grassdoor

Grassdoor has partnered with numerous brands, which is why the company offers an extensive range of cannabis products. The following are some of the products on Grassdoor menu:

Cannabis flower: cannabis flower is typically smoked or vaped. Grassdoor sells diverse strains of cannabis flower including London Pound Mintz x Jealousy, Moon Drops, and OG Kush.

Pre-Rolls: cannabis pre-rolls are joints that are pre-packed with cannabis buds and wrapped in rolling paper and ready to be smoked. Some of the pre-rolls available on Grassdoor include Blissful Rest Hash Infused Pre-rolls, MoonCoin Infused Pre-rolls, and V-power Infused Pre-rolls.

Vape: vape pods produce a soft and delicious vapor that doesn’t harm your soft throat tissues. Some vapes available on Grassdoor include Premium Jack, Bluedream, and Strawnana.

Drinks: infused cannabis drinks make for a fun and delicious style of ingestion. Some of the best cannabis drinks on Grassdoor include Tinley’s, Golden Milk, and Rosemary Jane.

Edibles: edibles are sweet and tasty. They are ingested orally, and they make for slow absorption of cannabis, slowing down the exertion of cannabis effects. Some of the edibles available on Grassdoor include KANHA Nano Passionfruit Paradise Gummies and Sour Cherry Limeade Belts.

Concentrates: cannabis concentrates are highly potent cannabis forms. Some of the popular concentrates on Grassdoor include Pineapple Jack Crumble, Bubblegum Kush Crumble, and Strawberry Lemonade Shatter.

Accessories: The following are some of the cannabis accessories available on Grassdoor; Vape Pens, Cartridges, and Vape Pods.

Tinctures: tinctures are typically ingested sublingually. Some popular tinctures on Grassdoor include High CBD Activated Full Spectrum Oil and Love Grass THCA tincture.

What are Grassdoor Delivery Drivers Like?

Once you place an order on Grassdoor, your order is processed and handed to the delivery driver, and once your order is dispatched, you will receive a notification on your phone.

Grassdoor has a large fleet of delivery vehicles, and they have high standards when recruiting delivery drivers. Their delivery drivers are professionals who will make a good impression.

Once the delivery arrives, you’ll need to provide the identification to ensure you’re of legal age and that you’re the person that ordered. If you’re impressed with the service it’s great to tip.

What is Grassdoor Customer Service Like?

The Grassdoor customer service is stellar. They have people on standby who are going to listen to you and provide an immediate solution.

If you receive your order and find that something is not okay, you can contact customer service by sending them an email via

The best proof out there that Grassdoor customer service is excellent is in the reviews. According to online reviews, the customer service is outstanding.

Where Does Grassdoor Deliver?

At present, Grassdoor serves different counties and cities within California, but they are slowly expanding their services to a wider region, with the ultimate goal of serving the whole of North America. The following are some of the cities and counties where Grassdoor is available:

Agoura Hills




Apple Valley






Beverly Hills











Costa Mesa


Culver City

Daly City

Dana Point

Diamond Bar



El Monte







Garden Grove






Hermosa Beach

Huntington Beach



La Habra

Laguna Beach

Laguna Hills




Long Beach

Los Angeles


Manhattan Beach

Marina Del Rey

Menlo Park


Mission Viejo


Monterey Park

Morgan Hill

Mountain View

Newbury Park

Newport Beach

North Hollywood






Palo Alto



Pico Rivera



Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Santa Margarita

Redondo Beach

Redwood City






San Bruno

San Diego

San Dimas

San Francisco

San Gabriel

San Jose

San Leandro

San Mateo

San Rafael

San Ramon

Santa Clara

Santa Clarita

Santa Cruz

Santa Monica

Sherman Oaks

Simi Valley

South Gate

South Pasadena


Thousand Oaks



Union City

Valley Village

Van Nuys


West Covina

West Hills

West Hollywood


Woodland Hills

What are Grassdoor’s Operation Hours? When Does It Open and Close?

The business opens at eight in the morning and closes at nine-thirty in the evening. The business is always open every day of the year, yes including public holidays.

What is Grassdoor’s Phone Number and Address?

Grassdoor’s phone number is: +1 818-647-9322

Grassdoor’s address is: Address: 3019 Vail Ave, Commerce, Los Angeles, California, 90040

Grassdoor Discounts

Always check their deals section to see what latest discounts they are offering. Also, you can search online to discover the latest Grassdoor promo and discount codes to help you save.

Is Grassdoor Legit?

Yes, Grassdoor is 100% legit as they offer outstanding cannabis management and delivery services to cannabis consumers and patients within certain regions of California.