Glass House Group Secures Land in Mojave Desert for Growing Hemp

Glass House Group has found land in Mojave Desert that it intends to use in industrial hemp cultivation.

Glass House Group is a privately owned CBD oil company with 100% seed-to-sale control of its products. The company has been experiencing challenges in terms of land for growing cannabis.

They have finally acquired land in Mojave Desert, and they will collaborate with another company (Cadiz Inc) to grow cannabis on the land.

Since hemp was legalized in 2018, many companies have popped up to cater to the rising demand for hemp in the USA and around the world.

As a vertically integrated company, Glass House Group will harvest its industrial hemp and use it in manufacturing various CBD products like tinctures, gummies, and topicals.

Securing land in Mojave Desert has its challenges, especially watering, but they have a partnership with a water infrastructure company to eliminate that problem.

Far from civilization, the cannabis plants will grow without applying odor suppression, and with no inconvenience to residents.