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Do Free CBD Samples Work?

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CBD products are ubiquitous nowadays, as they are available in diverse formats, including lotions, gummies, and vapes. Many people are leveraging these products for their wellness.

If you’re a novice and aren’t sure what CBD format suits your needs, the best approach is to look for free CBD samples. Numerous CBD companies offer free samples you can easily get.

A free CBD sample is exactly what it sounds like; whereby a CBD company offers you select products without charging you, hoping you’ll like the product enough to be a loyal customer.

Some companies advertise their free CBD offers online and others may provide free samples upon request. If you’re unsure about the effectiveness of CBD, you can start with a free sample.

Do Free CBD Samples Come with Free Shipping?

Some CBD companies go the extra mile of providing their samples without any shipping costs. However, most CBD companies will require that you pay shipping fees.

Paying for the shipping cost goes to show that the person on the other side has some genuine interest in the product and it helps with keeping away people that would abuse the system.

Also, when looking for free CBD samples, you want to make sure that product quality isn’t watered down. So, make sure you are always dealing with a trustworthy CBD company.

One of the major signifiers that the free samples contain quality CBD and have been manufactured within the highest standards is a Certificate of Analysis following a lab test.

100 Free CBD Samples

The following is a list of 100 top-tier free CBD samples.

1. Herbal Fracture

2. Leanna Organics

3. Pure Craft CBD

4. Cannabiva CBD

5. Erth Wellness

6. Dushey

7. Alive Market

8. Cannubu


10. Hempati

11. Oliver’s Harvest

12. Forth CBD

13. Restorative CBD

14. Eco Sciences

15. Frugal Farmers

16. Zatural

17. Crowntown Cannabis

18. Lux CBD

19. Calm by Wellness

20. Cheef Botanicals

21. Infinite CBD

22. Cannabiva CBD

23. Plain Jane

24. Hometown Hero CBD

25. Kurativ Premium CBD

26. Flex CBD

27. Crescent Canna

28. Cannaiseur Brands

29. DaCrema Botanicals

30. Yes.Life

31. Woven Earth

32. Sacred Essentials

33. Twine CBD

34. Organica Naturals CBD

35. Cloud Vapors

36. Just CBD

37. Excite for Life

38. Simply Crafted

39. Apollo

40. Natural Stress Solutions

41. Coastal Clouds

42. CBD Hungary

43. Hemp City

44. Be Your Highest

45. Kandy Girl

46. Best Buds CBD Store

47. Original C

48. Rhizo Sciences

49. Dreamland Organics

50. Green Unicorn Farms

51. 4KingsCBD

52. Raw Hemp

53. FlorBiz

54. No Borders Naturals

55. CannazAll

56. Definest CBD

57. Net Patient Foundation

58. Buzz Free Pain Relief Cream

59. CBD Club Hemp

60. Alchemy Science

61. Budding Botanicals


63. Revive CBD

64. Prosper Wellness

65. Four Twentea

66. The Hemp Tea Company


68. Hippi CBD Tea

69. Circle of Drink

70. Seven Points CBD

71. Crescendo

72. DVNT




76. Bio Wellness X

77. Two Hawk Extracts

78. Delta XL

79. Cannadelics

80. Perfect Plant Market

81. Colorado Breeders Depot

82. MOUNTAIN Smokes

83. Puerto Rico’s Finest

84. TAAT

85. Bear Blend

86. Horn Creek Hemp

87. Margaret River Hemp Co.

88. HempWick

89. Gassed Up

90. Siesta G

91. High AF

92. Melee Dose

93. HIFI Farms

94. ReefCanna

95. Earth Flower Organics

96. PhenomWell CBD Store

97. The Dutch Hemp

98. Good Feel 4 You

99. CBD MED Schweiz

100. CBD Flowers

Free CBD Samples Near Me

CBD companies provide free samples so that they would gather as much as possible personal details of their potential customers and then hopefully make loyal customers of them.

When looking for a free CBD sample, make sure you’re interacting with the company itself. In other words, avoid clicking and submitting your details to a third-party promotional site.

You may want to create a different email address from your formal one because you have no idea whether the company will sell your contact information and set you up for spam emails.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of snooping around and ensuring that you’re dealing with a legitimate CBD company so that you avoid being scammed or harmed.

Free CBD Gummies Samples

CBD gummies easily make one of the popular formats of CBD. They are ingested orally, where the CBD is metabolized in the gut, causing a slow release of CBD into the bloodstream.

CBD gummies typically make for a slow activation of effects. They are ideal for managing stress and anxiety, and they are extremely fun to take as they come in delectable flavors.

Check out these free CBD gummies samples:

Pure Craft CBD Gummies

Infinite and Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Oliver’s Harvest Vegan Gummies

Calm by Wellness Hemp CBD Gummies

No Borders Naturals CBD Gummies

Free CBD Flower Samples

Not everyone likes chewing some gummies or taking CBD capsules; some people prefer inhaling CBD. They typically achieve this by smoking or vaping the dried CBD flowers.

The taste or flavor of CBD flowers is influenced by varied things including strain genetics, the supply of essential materials during their growth, and even the drying and curing steps.

Most people usually roll CBD flowers into a joint and smoke them away, load the flowers into a water pipe to enjoy the smooth and delicious cannabis tokes, or even mix them with food and drinks.

Check out these free CBD flowers samples:

Cheef Botanicals


Simply Crafted


Rhizo Sciences

Free CBD Samples for Dogs

Our furry friends also benefit in numerous ways from taking CBD products. Some of the common types of CBD products for dogs include tinctures, treats, and balms.

Administering CBD to dogs may help in diverse ways including minimizing anxiety, managing skin disorders, managing nausea, and boosting appetite. Older dogs especially respond well.

Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, it’s important to introduce it to small amounts of CBD before graduating into heftier amounts. Thus, getting a free sample would be ideal.

Check out these free CBD samples for dogs:

BAILEY’S CBD Oil for Dogs

The VetCS Dog CBD Sample Pack

No Borders Naturals Dog Treats

Bounce and Bella

Oliver’s Harvest CBD Pet Sample

InTune CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Free CBD Cream Samples

The beauty industry is one of the areas where CBD has exerted a major influence. Nowadays, CBD-infused topicals including creams, balms, and ointments are selling like hotcakes.

CBD possesses analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a superior ingredient for eliminating skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

CBD creams make for excellent external use of CBD as they allow for localized application. For instance, you can smear some CBD cream on a wound, or a spot wear a skin issue is manifest.

Check out these free CBD cream samples:


Leanna Organics

Twine CBD

Restorative CBD

Buzz Free Pain Relief

Free CBD Cigarette Samples

Smoking cigarettes is an addictive habit fueled by nicotine and tobacco content. But did you know you can overcome your tobacco addiction by simply switching to CBD cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes contain nothing more than CBD flowers and are bound with non-toxic rolling papers. Smoking CBD cigarettes is 100% healthy and may help one manage their cig addiction.

Inhaling CBD smoke makes for rapid activation of CBD effects. And so, if you’re experiencing issues like stress and anxiety, just light that CBD cigarette and start taking those sweet puffs.

Check out these free CBD cigarette samples:


Plain Jane


Puerto Rico’s Finest

Free CBD Edible Samples

Infused edibles denote eatable products that contain CBD. Some of the popular CBD edibles include CBD cakes, chocolates, lollipops, gummies, wines, capsules, honey sticks, and candies.

If you’re looking to enjoy a slow and steady flow of CBD effects, taking CBD edibles is an ideal ingestion style. The CBD becomes metabolized and is released slowly into the bloodstream.

Unlike some formats of CBD products like tinctures and vapes, CBD edibles are usually discreet, as no one would tell whether that cake you’re stuffing yourself with contains CBD.

Check out these free CBD edible samples:

LuxCBD Hard Candy

Coastal Clouds CBD Softgels

Deep Six CBD Lollipops

Crescent Canna Gummies

Free CBD E-Liquid Samples

CBD e-liquid, also called vape juice, vape oil, or e-juice, is a type of cannabinoid product used along with vaping devices. They come in diverse flavors and are typically heated into a vapor.

Vaping CBD, as opposed to swallowing it, makes for a rapid onset of effects. CBD e-liquids come in tiny bottles, thus making for excellent portability, and can be used in many places.

Check out these free CBD e-liquid samples:

Cloud Vapors CBD E-Liquid

Mist CBD E-Liquid


Free CBD Vape Samples

Vaping CBD is an excellent ingestion style. Once you inhale the CBD-rich vapor, it quickly flows to the heart, before flowing into the brain and other parts of the body, activating effects.

Whether you’re taking CBD for purposes of managing stress and anxiety, eliminating insomnia, boosting alertness, or relieving pain, you can’t go wrong with vaping CBD.

There are different types of vaping hardware, tools, and gear; they can be reusable or disposable, but ultimately, what matters is your style and preferences.

I haven’t seen any company offering free vape mods or pods, but keep an eye out for free samples of vape accessories such as e-liquids and vape oils.

Free CBD Lotion Samples

CBD lotion makes for an excellent addition to someone’s skincare regimen. CBD lotion is loaded with nutrients and cannabis compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Applied topically, CBD lotion makes for discreet CBD ingestion. You may apply it to your skin before the start of the day or at night before you retire to bed to experience maximum effects.

Free CBD Samples UK, US, and Canada

Companies offer CBD samples so that they may collect the contacts of their target customers, receive feedback for their products, and raise the profitability of their range of CBD products.

Whether you’re in the UK, US, or Canada, numerous legitimate platforms can send free CBD samples to your mail. But you need to be a bit careful to avoid scams.

Does Five CBD Offer Free CBD Samples?

No. Five CBD has not started any program whereby customers may request a free sample.

Does Cannaray CBD Offer Free CBD Samples?

No. Cannaray CBD has not created any program where people may sign up for a free sample.

Does Smilz CBD Offer Free CBD Samples?

No. Smilz CBD does not offer any free CBD samples.