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Eyce Beaker Bong Pros and Cons

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This is a lightweight beaker bong made out of platinum-cured silicone. Its features include a glass bowl, silicone downstem, and a permanent ice catcher. With its sturdy build, the Eyce beaker bong is travel-friendly. The table below highlights some of its pros and cons.

✔ The bong is made with BPA-free, food-grade, platinum-cured silicone.❌ Silicone doesn’t have an exceptionally high melting point, thus it may affect the original smoke flavor.
✔ With a compact and lightweight build, it easily fits in a backpack or travel bag.
✔ The bongs come in diverse colors.
✔ The broad beaker base provides extra support and stability, making it less vulnerable to falling.
✔ It has a built-in ice catcher that promotes smoke filtration and delivery.
✔ Virtually indestructible silicone shell that gives the bong a long life.
✔ Removable downstem which allows for customizations.
✔ A mouthpiece designed for comfortable smoke inhalation.
✔ Ideal for traveling with.
✔ Much cheaper compared to some other bongs.