Hand pipes are classic dry herb smoking accessories that have been around for ages. Convenient and portable, hand pipes typically produce flavorful and aromatic smoke. They consist of a bowl and a stem that connects to the mouthpiece, and some pipes feature carbs that enhance the toke. Hand pipes come in diverse shapes and materials, and many CBD enthusiasts like using hand pipes in smoking CBD flower. If you’re looking to stop cigarette addiction, you can turn to a healthier alternative in CBD flower smoking pipes. The following are some of the popular hand pipes that are used in smoking CBD buds.

1. Heady Pipes

Heady pipes are hand pipes that feature more aesthetic and artisanal elements than functionality. They are typically glass-made and excellent in preserving smoke integrity. Owing to their opulent features, heady pipes are usually pricier than average smoking pipes. If you wish to make a statement with a classic smoking pipe, you can’t go wrong with a heady pipe.

2. Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are popular, as they don’t exert a negative influence on smoke flavor. Glass pipes have been around for ages and they come in diverse shapes and designs. Smoking CBD is an ideal ingestion method as it triggers rapid action. Although they make for excellent smoking, on the downside, they can shatter easily.

3. Wooden Pipes

Wooden pipes usually feature simple design elements and are relatively affordable. Wooden pipes are safer than rolling papers that are made of inorganic materials. Wooden pipes come in a range of features and are simple to use. You only have to grind your CBD flower, pack your bowl, light the bowl, and take delicious draws of CBD smoke. Wooden pipes, unlike glass pipes, have a lesser chance of being destroyed.

4. Metal Pipes

Metal smoking pipes are convenient, efficient, and durable. Metal pipes are usually easy to tighten or loosen, thus allowing you to level up your smoking experience, and some metal pipes have room for diverse customizations. If you’re smoking small amounts of CBD flower, then metal pipes are ideal. However, if you’re into smoking large quantities of CBD flower, you had better use smoking pipes made of different materials with less heat conductivity.

5. Sherlock Pipes

If you thought that Sherlock pipes are named after the popular TV character Sherlock Holmes, you thought right. They have been around for a long time, and in the 19th century, Sherlock pipes were deemed a status symbol. Sherlock pipes have various artistic elements and great functionality. Sherlock pipes are made out of diverse materials including wood, glass, and metal.

6. Chillums

Initially, chillums used to be made out of clay and stone. But, at present, chillums are typically made of metal and glass. Chillums typically have a straight design and feature a bowl the shape of a cone. Chillums are characteristically small and are missing carb holes. To enjoy smooth draws of CBD smoke with a chillum, you want to crowd the bowl with finely ground CBD flower and spark the bowl.

7. Bubblers

Bubblers are hand pipes that consist of a water chamber with a percolator. The design of a bubbler mimics the functionality and portability of a smoking pipe and the filtration capabilities of a water pipe. Bubblers have an amazing design and are excellent for smoking CBD flower. Bubblers can be made out of diverse materials.

8. Themed Novelty Pipes

Smoking pipes may be available in different themes and designs that deviate from the standard linear design of smoking pipes. You may choose novelty pipes depending on your favorite concepts and ideas. Novelty pipes come in a range of materials and colors, and you’re free to choose your preference.

The Takeaway: Hand Pipes for Smoking CBD Flower

There are numerous benefits to smoking CBD flower; you enjoy fast CBD effects, a flexible consumption method, and relatively low cost. To enjoy your CBD flower, you may choose to invest in precious hand pipes. Hand pipes come in numerous designs, materials, and colors. Some of the essential CBD flower smoking pipes include heady pipes, glass pipes, and chillums.