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ElleVet Sciences CBD Review

ElleVet Sciences CBD is a major pet CBD brand. CBD oil is the latest product shaking up the pet industry, and according to pet owners, it appears to have numerous wellness benefits.

In 2018, the US government approved the extraction and sale of hemp-derived CBD, marking the start of an economy that is shaping the wellness industry.

It wasn’t long before humans started to wonder whether CBD was good for pets, and turns out, CBD is just as helpful in managing various pet health issues.

ElleVet Pet CBD is one of the brands offering pet CBD, and you want to find out what they are like before you buy their products.

In this review, we will break down this company, highlight both its advantages and shortcomings, and hopefully help you make an easy decision.

What ElleVet Sciences Offers

This company wants to give its customers diverse products. The options are not many, but it’s still something. Their products are some of the top-performing in the pet CBD industry.

CBD Chews: their CBD + CBDA dog chews are excellent for managing separation anxiety, and cognitive dysfunction, and treating itchy skin.

CBD Soft Gels: their soft gels make for easy administration as they have no displeasing taste or odor. They are helpful in eliminating joint pain and improving mobility.

CBD + CBDA Oils: their CBD oil is backed by science and clinically proven. It helps with a host of issues including senior dog issues, cognitive health, skin irritation, joint problems, mobility issues, stress, and anxiety.

Pros of ElleVet Sciences CBD

  • Rooted in research.  This product is backed by one of the greatest veterinary institutions on the planet: Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. They prepared this product by testing out various formulas and using what works best. The CBD market is not as regulated as it ought to be, and we have shady companies that come in with substandard products, for ElleVet Pet CBD to go out and collaborate with a veterinary institution, has won them tremendous customer approval.
  • Highly praised. Many pet parents recommend this product because they have seen the seriousness of the company. Industry leaders are praising this product too. ElleVet Pet CBD has attracted a lot of positive media attention.
  • Safe. The product has been tested to ascertain that it is safe and healthy for pets. The same cannot be said for various pet products that are shoved into the market without undergoing third-party lab testing.
  • Great prices. Their products are reasonably priced. You can tell what sort of people are behind a company based on how they price their products. If the prices are unjustifiably exorbitant, it is usually an indication of greed, instead of a commitment to solving a problem.
  • Great customer support. As a customer, you want a company to answer your questions when you contact them, not treat you like you don’t matter. ElleVet Pet CBD has outstanding customer support and they take care of the issues bothering you. When you visit their website, you’ll be able to watch some of the glowing video reviews submitted by customers.
  • High potency. We can judge the quality of a CBD product by its potency, and ElleVet Pet CBD oil is packing extremely high potency, thus even small doses can go a long way; it helps you save money.
  • High-quality products. They may not have an extensive range of products, but their CBD oil, soft gels, and chews are of the greatest quality.
  • Specially formulated for mobility and comfort. Most senior dogs usually have mobility problems. ElleVet Pet CBD is designed to help dogs overcome their joint problems so they may have fun instead of withdrawing from their family.
  • The product is backed by scientific research and there’s a benefit to every ingredient, thus eliminating any potential for side effects.
  • Vet-recommended. There’s a reason why veterinarians stand behind this product. It’s enriched with vitamins and active compounds that improve the health of your furry friend. It doesn’t contain any hazardous substances that might cause problems for your furry friend.
  • Testimonials. As a pet parent, you want to give your pet something that’s tried and tested, but by looking through the testimonials for this product, many pet parents have a positive experience with this product, and you can be sure that it will be the same to you.
  • Broad payment options. Many financial institutions are still hostile to cannabis businesses, probably until cannabis becomes federally legal, but cannabis businesses still have several banks that enable them to process payments. ElleVet offers several payment options to its customers.
  • It contains CBDA. CBDA is the acidic form of CBD, and CBDA is proven to be many times more powerful than CBD when it comes to binding to certain receptors. CBDA is particularly useful in managing nausea and vomiting (common illnesses for senior dogs).
  • High potency. One of the hallmarks of quality CBD products is potency. It makes for rapid onset of effects, and it also enables you to stretch product usage. But if you be unlucky to buy a CBD product with low potency, the effects will be weak, and the product will last only a short time.
  • Product categorization. There are softgels for small dogs, and there are softgels for large dogs. They’ll let you know whether a product is made for small or large dogs. But then they also have products that can be given to just about any dog. They also have CBD + CBDA oil for cats.
  • Optimized for mobility. One of the common problems for senior dogs is mobility. You may notice your pet getting withdrawn because of joint and muscle strain that comes with age. ElleVet CBD is designed to eliminate mobility problems so your furry friend may be in a great mood.
  • Great support staff. This company operates on the philosophy of working with the best people. The product was developed by scientists, and if you have any questions, you may contact their knowledgeable support staff, who will make everything easy and clear.
  • Safety. All the ingredients that go into this product are safe and secure, and there’s no possibility that your pet will develop complications or side effects.

Cons of ElleVet Pet CBD

  • They don’t have an extensive range of products. Pet parents hold diverse tastes for CBD products. But ElleVet Pet CBD seems to have a small range of products. Of course, as the company grows, it’ll expand its offerings.
  • They can only accept to refund or replace your product if it be unopened. Once you open the product they won’t take it back.


Pet parents are turning to CBD for the health improvement of their furry friends. Pet CBD has numerous health benefits. ElleVet Sciences Pet CBD is one of the top-performing brands for pet CBD. You can rely on the for quality pet CBD products. Check them out.

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