Elixinol Europe Review

Elixinol Europe is one of the leading CBD companies in the world; vertically integrated and its products are certified for purity.

Some of their products including capsules, liposomes, and balms are market leaders, offering full-spectrum CBD benefits.

The company uses specially-bred hemp strains to create its products. They oversee both the growing and extraction to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Products by Elixinol Europe are not just packing great potency but also contain a wide range of cannabinoids, essential oils, terpenes, and other active compounds.

Elixinol Europe was founded by a team of passionate cannabis entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of experience in the organic products and wellness industry.

More people are turning from conventional healing methods to cannabis for its huge significance in wellness.

What Elixinol Europe Offers

CBD tinctures: CBD tinctures are typically administered sublingually. They come in varying strengths and tastes. The appropriate dosage depends on several factors including age and health status.

CBD capsules: CBD capsules are typically ingested orally. They undergo metabolism which waters down CBD potency and also slows its absorption. Capsules ensure a precise dosage.

CBD liposomes: these are small, lipid vesicles administered intravenously or by inhalation. Liposomes make for rapid onset of effects.

CBD topicals: Elixinol Europe offers balms and ointments that are effective at managing skin disorders and also inducing calm and relaxation.

Pros of Elixinol

  • Superior products. All products by Elixinol EU are excellent. The company makes huge investments to create superior CBD products through its excellent seed-to-sale systems. Elixinol Europe has a vast pool of talent that enables them to stay ahead.
  • Excellent customer service. Their customer support is staffed with trained professionals. And judging by online reviews, customers are handled well. It doesn’t matter that a company offers great products, if their customer support is wanting, the whole company looks bad.
  • They have transparency. In the wellness industry, the importance of transparency cannot be gainsaid. Elixinol EU understands this, which is why they involve their customers and provide proof of regulatory requirements.
  • International shipping. Elixinol EU has the resources to cater to a global clientele. They provide fast and discounted shipping to customers around the world. Subscribe to their newsletter to receive discounts and key information.
  • Great flavors. Some people are hesitant to take CBD products because of the grassy and earthy taste of raw CBD. Elixinol spices things up to improve the taste of its products. But all the flavor agents be organic.
  • Free trial. The company has great faith in its products, which is why it gives a 30-days free trial, and should you change your mind about their product during this period, you may return the unused portion and you be entitled to a refund.
  • Affiliate program. In case you have friends or acquaintances looking to start using CBD you may give them your affiliate link and get a commission for every successful purchase.
  • Easy website navigation. For some strange reason, many CBD websites are usually foggy, and it’s hard to navigate them. But Elixinol EU’s website has a perfect architecture and it is easy to navigate.

Cons of Elixinol

  • Order delay. For international buyers, it can take a bit longer to process and ship them. If you want your order to arrive in one or two days, you are better off buying from a CBD company in your country or state.
  • Limited product range. If we’re talking of some low-budget cannabis company, then it’s okay for them to have a limited range of products. But we’re talking of Elixinol Europe! This giant of a company should have way more product varieties than it does at present.


Elixinol Europe is a UK-based CBD company with international operations. The company has a reputation for superior CBD products.

Their products are untouched by chemicals and are thoroughly tested to ensure potency, flavor, and consistency.

Elixinol guarantees customer satisfaction with their 30-days free trial. Check them out.

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