Elephantos Review

Elephantos has the greatest appeal toward the liberal crowd. This company started off selling cannabis accessories along with sex equipment.

With more than 1500 products on their shelves, from aphrodisiacs to supplements, dry herb vaporizers, pipes, seeds, books, etc., you can understand why the world is flocking to Elephantos.

Operating from the Netherlands, they have been around since the early ‘00s, and the company stays winning because of the spirit of innovativeness.

As a cannabis user, when you’re shopping for smoking accessories you consider their quality first, but you also care about how that company treats you.

Is the company managed by egotistical, short-sighted morons, or do they care about making their customers satisfied?

What Elephantos Offers

Their products can be reduced to three categories:

Smartshop: in this section, you find psychoactive substances to boost your health. They have a pretty impressive range of products: aphrodisiacs, ayahuasca, supplements, kratom, magic truffles, and psychedelics.

Headshop: smoking marijuana is typically as sweet as your smoking accessories allow it to be. The experience of taking fat bong rips is worlds apart from dragging on a cheap blunt. Elephantos offers a wide range of smoking accessories including grinders, bongs, chillums, one-hitters, and vaporizers.

Seedshop: if you would like to grow marijuana for domestic or commercial reasons, you want to plant quality seeds, and Elephantos offers different cannabis seeds: auto-flowering, feminized, and regular.

Every item on their portal is accompanied by a short description, helping you have a perfect grasp of the product and especially be aware of the ways to use it.


Pros of Elephantos

  • Live support. Customers usually have questions, but they need them to be answered before they can make a purchase, with Live Chat the answer is a few minutes away. The Elephantos support staff be on standby to cater to customers.
  • Discreet delivery. Maybe you live in a country where cannabis laws are ambiguous, and cannabis is still a taboo, but Elephantos is discreet with billing and shipping your order, helping you avoid meddling from the authorities and some other bullshit.
  • Easy payment. There are many internet-based payment methods, but most of these institutions decline to take on cannabis companies because cannabis is still federally illegal. Elephantos has a few payment methods that most people can access: credit card and bank transfer.
  • Fast shipping. Who wants their ish to stay on the road for an eternity? I mean, the longer it takes for your items to arrive, the bigger the risk of the products becoming defective, especially with glass smoking accessories.
  • No hidden fees. With some companies, you may pay for the product, pay for the shipping, and then boom, there be other little costs you have to cover, messing up your budget. With Elephantos, there are no hidden fees.
  • Worldwide shipping. No matter where you live in the world, you can place your order and Elephantos will ship the items in a week. They have been in the game for longer than a decade and have built powerful systems for easy order fulfillment.
  • Third-party lab-tests. CBD products from Elephantos are third-party lab-tested, meaning that they are certified to be of superior quality. They are also full-spectrum, enabling you to enjoy extensive therapeutic benefits.
  • 4.7 star rating. Hundreds of reviews on Trustpilot, but most of them be positive. Of course, some customers will always be unsatisfied, but the majority are happy with Elephantos. We always recommend that people look at customer reviews of a company before buying.

Cons of Elephantos

  • Poor weighting standards. For instance, if you buy San Pedro Cactus, it’s measured by length, not accounting for girth inconsistencies.
  • Tracking issues. Some customers once complained of difficulty with tracking their orders, and this can needlessly cause friction.
  • Limited payment methods. We understand the reason for this, but it can de-motivate many people.


Elephantos was created by free-spirited people, and they have shaped this company to ooze a trendy and urban appeal.

Of course, anyone can be their customer, but if you be cool and easy-going, this was created especially for you.

Cannabis users are interested in forming alliances, becoming a tribe, creating a culture fuelled by cannabis.

Elephantos seems to be a quality company.

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