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Dopeboo Review

The Dopeboo’s website is one of the best-done websites when compared to most online headshops. But what’s even better is that they sell the best “shit”.

What if you went about your city looking for a smoke shop worth its salt, and found none, would you think of starting a smoke shop and changing the game?

This was the case with Dopeboo. The founders thought that there weren’t any good smoke shops in Chicago, but have long since conquered the state, won awards, and gone global.

Cannabis pundits consider Dopeboo to be one of the top headshops in the world, but this company with a bulldog’s personality relentlessly pushes to be number one.

Whether you are looking for pipes or vaporizers, Dopeboo might be on the cards, but is this company the truth?

What Dopeboo Offers

Water pipes: they have been around since the Ming dynasty in the 16th century, and water bongs are some of the coolest smoking accessories. The hot smoke streams into the water chamber, where it’s filtered and cooled down, before you draw it in your mouth, enjoying the light and cool bong rip. Dopeboo offers water pipes in different designs and brands.

Dry pipes: do you love dressing up before smoking cannabis? Spice it up with a hand pipe. The dry pipes from Dopeboo vary in both design and materials. Whether you want chillums, spoons, sherlocks, or steamrollers, Dopeboo has got it all.

Vaporizers: some people are leaving the blunt and opting for the vaporizer. They claim that the vaporizer produces a sweet, wavy hit, with an extensive range of flavors. Dopeboo vaporizers have superb designs, are made of different materials, and have huge price variations (there’s one for you).

Accessories: looking for grinders, dab utensils, or storage jars?

Pros of Dopeboo

  • The products are curated by experts. Dopeboo got to where it’s at with hard work. All of their products are tested and carefully examined by experts, protecting consumers against substandard ish. This speaks volumes about the company’s integrity.
  • Your information is kept secure. They have a system for protecting customer information. This enables your package to slip through customs unnoticed and not have to be bothered by government busybodies.
  • Quality services. Not only are their products superior, but their staff members are also well-trained, and they make a good job of satisfying customers.
  • They offer discounts on various products, just check out their “on-sale” page to see the deals, and get some cool products for cheap.
  • Items are sourced from different brands. Customers are not stuck with just one brand but they have the luxury of choosing the brand that they like. Some of the common brands include KandyPens, Marley Natural, Storz and Bickel, Pax, Firefly, and Grav.
  • Made in the USA. Most of their products are made by boutique manufacturers in the USA. They come in amazing designs, shapes, and artistic inspiration.
  • Free shipping. If you buy goods worth at least $20, they ship it to you for free, but this is only for US-based customers.
  • Return policy. They have a three-day no-question return policy against their bongs, vaporizers, and glass pipes.

Cons of Dopeboo

  • Not frequently updated. Their website may sometimes be not updated, so you place an order, except the item is out of stock, and you end up waiting.
  • Bitcoin payments for non-US orders. Dopeboo complains that there’s too much fraud from customers outside of the continental US, necessitating digital currency.
  • Maybe they’re understaffed, but several customers have complained about not getting their package, or getting the wrong ish.


There’s nothing wrong with a company having too high an opinion for itself, but Dopeboo feels as if they overdo it.

They are of course a legitimate company, and their products are US-made, highly curated, and diverse in terms of shape, design, and form.

The company came into being in 2017, and they still have some ground to cover in terms of service delivery, which may probably explain some of the bitter online reviews against them.

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