Does China Love or Hate Marijuana?

Nowadays China is popping. It seems like they are looking to take over from America as the world’s super-power.

We cannot help but ask ourselves what China (both the government and its people) think about marijuana.

Nigeria has shown us that simply because the government criminalizes weed doesn’t mean the citizens won’t partake of weed.

Is it the same with China? Is the government and its people on the same page or do they have a divergence of opinion?

If marijuana became legal in China, and then it came out Chinese people love it, that’s a massive canna-economy right there.

What Do Chinese People Think About Marijuana?

China is a vast country, and you’re going to find all sorts of answers to this question.

In the northwest and southwest, some farmers grow and sell cannabis to people that use it for recreational and medicinal reasons.

In these parts, they view marijuana the same way they view tobacco; an okay substance. By the way, China is the biggest producer (and consumer) of tobacco.

In small and medium cities, people view marijuana the same way they view hard-core drugs like heroin and cocaine. Sadly, no efforts are made to explain the difference.

In such environments, there’s a perceptible hostility to marijuana use and possession, and it’s generally considered risky to have it.

The huge ex-pat community in China, made of mostly members from legal countries, has a considerable percentage of users.

Interestingly, celebrities in China consider marijuana as something good. In 2014, there was a drug bust where celebrities were caught using it.

What Happens If You’re Caught Selling Cannabis?

China recently adopted an aggressive attitude toward fighting marijuana-related offenses. It’s surprising considering that decades ago, law enforcement didn’t consider marijuana a big crime.

Some parts of China are decidedly harsher against marijuana sellers than other parts, and so, if you’re caught selling, you might be met with a jail sentence, or you could just get fined.

Cartels exist to bridge the gap between cannabis producers and users, and the government is always watching and pouncing. There are also guys selling weed in big cities but it’s an underworld.

Can You Grow Cannabis In China?

The law doesn’t allow the growing of cannabis, but ironically, China is the leading hemp producer! Also, China holds the greatest number of patents for cannabis-related technologies.

Admittedly, there’s reluctance on the part of law enforcement to attack hemp-growers, because it’s fast becoming a huge source of income.

Chinese companies are in the business of producing and exporting CBD products, but they are prohibited from selling their products domestically.

Is It Safe to Smoke Weed in China?

If you’re new in China, the easiest way of indulging in weed is by making the acquaintance of an ex-pat.

Foreigners, especially guys from America, Britain, and Nigeria, have the distinction of knowing all dealers in many parts of the country.

In Beijing, law enforcement is a bit reluctant on enforcing cannabis laws, and there’s also a huge supply of marijuana.

In some areas with many cannabis dealers, the dealers seem to reach an agreement with law enforcement, and then the laws are relaxed!

But still, cannabis is not legal, and there’s no telling how it’s going to be when you’re caught growing, buying, or selling marijuana.

Can You Smoke Cannabis Anywhere?

China is a nation of smokers, and although there are designated smoking areas, you’ll find people smoking even in social arrangements. You may very well seat on a park bench and smoke your worries away.

Did a Chinese First Use Marijuana?

An emperor no less! In China, Cannabis was cultivated and sold for medicinal and culinary reasons since ancient times! Maybe they’ll soon go back to the good old days!

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