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Does CBD Make Your Body Numb?

Someone complained on a forum about feeling numb after ingesting some CBD gummies she had been given by a friend; is it true, that CBD can make you feel numb across your body?

Numbness might be one of the side effects of taking CBD, but it’s important to note that it’s usually experienced by newbies, and once they get used to CBD, they usually stop feeling it.

The likelihood of experiencing numbness is higher when one consumes CBD products that contain excessive amounts of THC, or if someone takes more than the recommended dose.

Some of the areas that are usually affected by numbness include the mouth and joints. The numbness is typically short-lived, and normalcy returns as soon as CBD effects start waning.

Apart from mouth numbness, one may also experience mouth dryness, which may be handled with constant hydration, working out, and ensuring you have a great diet of fruits and veggies.

Another sensation that people may experience following CBD consumption pertains to lip tingles. Your lip might experience tingling sensations, but they are usually short-lived.

Certain types of CBD products are noted to exert a massive vulnerability to numbness and tingling sensations as opposed to other CBD products; for instance, CBD tinctures and CBD sublingual strips are likely to trigger numbness as opposed to CBD creams and CBD sprays.

One of the things you might do to minimize the possibility of experiencing numbness following CBD consumption is to ensure that you consume broad spectrum or isolate CBD since they have zero THC content.