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Do Tabs Chocolate Have Any Side Effects?

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Tabs Chocolate is a delectable chocolate supplement for spicing up your sex life.

The product was designed and launched in 2021 by Oliver Brocato and Jake Lewin.

Tabs Chocolate incorporates four aphrodisiac ingredients that boost sexual pleasure.

Tabs chocolate is designed to improve blood flow, enhance performance and boost sex drive.

Additionally, Tabs Chocolate increases sensitivity, which causes lovers to stay turned on.

According to numerous online reviews, Tabs Chocolate is sweet and smooth, and it works.

Tabs Chocolate works because it contains natural ingredients proven to boost sex drive.

These are the four ingredients of Tabs Chocolate:

  • Cocoa
  • DHEA
  • Maca Root
  • Epimedium

Cocoa contains flavonoids and chemicals that boost nitric oxide content in the blood, thus aiding sexual arousal.

DHEA stimulates the production of testosterone and also increases the libido and sexual arousal between lovers.

Maca root is an age-old aphrodisiac that’s been proven to enhance sexual performance and increase sex drive.

Epimedium, also called Horny Goat Weed, is a herb that’s been used since ancient times to enhance sexual function.

Using Tabs Chocolate is quite easy: just divide the chocolate square and consume it. The effects may last up to three hours.

It’s recommended to consume Tabs Chocolate around 30 minutes before having sex as Tabs Chocolate effects work in the background.

Tabs Chocolate Side Effects

Some ingredients in Tabs Chocolate might trigger side effects like stomach discomfort, headaches, and nausea.

However, it’s important to highlight the fact that side effects are usually experienced when you’re new to Tabs Chocolate.

Once you become a regular consumer of Tabs Chocolate, the side effects fade out, and you’re left to enjoy its mood-lifting benefits.

Tabs Chocolate is FDA-approved. It usually takes 30 minutes for the effects of Tabs Chocolate to kick in. Most people have reported a good experience from taking Tabs Chocolate.

It takes around 30 minutes for Tabs Chocolate to work, and although the duration of effects varies in different people, Tabs Chocolate effects last between one to three hours.

Many users on Reddit have come forward to say that Tabs Chocolate has improved their libido.

Where to Buy Tabs Chocolate

Tabs Chocolate is designed and crafted in an FDA-approved facility in North Venice, Florida.

The product is made to great standards and contains organic ingredients.

You can buy Tabs Chocolate from their official website or you can order on Amazon.

Tabs Chocolate is legit because it’s approved by the FDA, and uses Belgium-imported cocoa, and organic dietary supplements.

Tabs Chocolate hinges upon the science of sexual arousal and libido enhancement typically caused by dark chocolate.

The following are some of the benefits of Tabs Chocolate:

  • It has mood-lifting properties, which makes you turned on easily
  • It stimulates blood flow, thus enhancing sexual drive
  • It increases sensitivity, thus promoting sexual arousal

Is Tabs Chocolate Safe?

Tabs Chocolate is 100% safe. Tabs Chocolate doesn’t have any dangerous or addictive ingredients.

One square of Tabs Chocolate is sufficient for two people; you simply break the square into two and consume it.

Contrary to what some influencers have claimed, Tabs Chocolate doesn’t contain any caffeine content.

Tabs Chocolate incorporates cruelty-free processing and is enriched with natural and vegan-friendly ingredients.

Tabs Chocolate is gluten-free, so if you consume it, you won’t be vulnerable to celiac disease.

Tabs Chocolate doesn’t contain any illegal chemicals, so you cannot fail any drug test from consuming Tabs Chocolate.

Although it’s not unhealthy or risky to consume a whole Tabs Chocolate, it’s still recommended to divide the square into half and consume it with your partner.

Tabs Chocolate has a sufficiently long shelf life. If unopened, it can stay for up to 24 months before expiring, and if opened, it can stay for up to 12 months before expiring.

Although tabs Chocolate does improve libido and sexual arousal, it’s not like Viagra. Tabs Chocolate is 100% organic and doesn’t have any Viagra content.

Tabs Chocolate is worth it because most customers are generally satisfied with its effects.

Who Should Not Take Tabs Chocolate?

Tabs Chocolate is marketed and sold to people who are at least 18 years of age. Thus, you shouldn’t take Tabs Chocolate if you’re below 18 years.

Tabs Chocolate is made of cocoa, DHEA, epimedium, and maca root. If you have an allergic reaction to one or more of these ingredients, you shouldn’t take Tabs Chocolate.

If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, on birth control, taking medication, or have a health disorder, it’s recommended that you consult a health specialist before consuming Tabs Chocolate.

Tabs Chocolate Price

Tabs Chocolate comes in three tiers; one box, two boxes, and three boxes.

One box of Tabs Chocolate goes for $29.99. Two boxes go for $59.98 and three boxes go for $89.97.

At the time of writing, they are offering a discount if you’re buying two or three boxes.

Tabs Chocolate Aphrodisiac

Tabs Chocolate is an effective aphrodisiac as it contains natural ingredients that are proven to increase sex drive.

You can take Tabs Chocolate by yourself or as a couple. Always take it at least 30 minutes before having sex.

Tabs Chocolate squares are healthy and can be ingested along with other things like alcohol and energy drinks.

Tabs Chocolate may also be consumed along with CBD products like CBD tea, CBD vapes, and CBD gummies.

Tabs Chocolate Shipping

Tabs Chocolate has great shipping standards, which include melting protection features. Tabs Chocolates are shipped in padded envelopes or temperature-controlled poly mailers so that the chocolate doesn’t melt during transit.

Tabs Chocolates are designed, manufactured, and shipped from an FDA-approved warehouse in North Venice, Florida. All of the ingredients are sourced from licensed and trusted suppliers.

Tabs Chocolate offers fast and discreet shipping through USPS, with orders placed on weekdays treated to same-day fulfillment.

With its brilliant packaging, your dark chocolate won’t melt or experience any drastic reduction in quality while the goods are in transit.

Once your order is processed and shipped, you’ll be alerted via email and a system for tracking your order will be provided.

Tabs Chocolate Customer Service

Tabs Chocolate boasts a professional and reliable customer service team.

Whether you want more information about the product, or you want to cancel an order or a subscription, get in touch with the customer support team.

The Tabs Chocolate customer support team may be contacted via email or phone; their email is And their phone number is (844) 515-3310.

Tabs Chocolate ships products to customers within the United States. But they may start shipping internationally in the future.