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Do CBD Gummies Make Your Penis Bigger?

CBD gummies are chewable CBD-infused products with a range of benefits, including sexual health benefits, to men and women.

At this point, CBD products are practically on every corner, and for almost any product, there’s a CBD-centric version of it.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD products come in many forms.

One of these forms is gummies. CBD gummies are prepared like standard gummies except that they are infused with CBD oil.

CBD gummies are easy to ingest and come in diverse flavors and colors, which makes them delectable, aromatic, and sweet.

Many people have claimed that taking CBD gummies has upped their sexual game, more precisely, improved penis size.

And this has kind of given hope to many men who are plagued by a penis that they deem smaller than they need it to be.

Can CBD Gummies Increase Penis Size?

You see, from the time a man is born, he starts a journey of continuous physical changes, thanks to genetic programming.

Some parts of his body are subject to change until his twilight years, and some parts usually stop changing at a predetermined age.

One of the parts that stop changing or growing when a man hits a certain age, usually the young adult stage, is the penis.

There’s nothing short of surgery that can help to remedy this fact; chewing CBD gummies won’t automatically modify the penis.


Constant ingestion of CBD has been suggested to have a range of benefits that extrapolate into a better sexual life and penis performance.

Increased blood flow: to have sexual intercourse, you need your penis to erect, which is typically achieved by blood flowing to your penis. If there’s a dismal flow of blood, you end up with a weakly erect penis, which might make the penis look smaller. But if you have outstanding blood flow, you end up with a strongly erect penis, your optimum penis size. You see, CBD has been suggested to have dilation properties, which promote an increased flow of blood to the penis, and as a result, you can achieve your possible biggest penis size.

Weight loss: when you go from average size into the obesity territory, you usually develop low self-esteem, and a negative self-image. You might stare at the mirror naked and see your penis buried beneath your massive stomach and conclude you have a small penis. With frequent CBD consumption, you improve metabolism and restore the healthy functioning of your brain reward system, which is essential in enhancing weight loss. CBD is a good ally in the weight loss journey, and when you shed the fat, your penis stops struggling under your stomach, which may improve your self-image, and make your penis actually look bigger.

Reduced anxiety: if you have anxiety, it can exert a limiting influence on your sex life. For instance, you may have sex with your partner, and then harbor fears that your partner wasn’t satisfied, and then start imagining that the size of your penis is to blame. CBD has been supposed to have anxiolytic properties; it may help with minimizing stress, anxiety, and depression. And so, once the anxiety is gone, you achieve a positive mindset and are likely to perform great in bed, and this helps you view your penis in a positive light. Don’t forget that CBD may heighten perception which translates into pleasurable sexual encounters.

Can CBD Gummies Make You Last Longer in Bed?

If you’re the type of man that climaxes too soon, you might be dealing with premature ejaculation, which can hurt your pride.

Premature ejaculation might be triggered by a diverse range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, and negative self-image.

CBD may help with minimizing various mental disorders including anxiety and depression, which may help remedy premature ejaculation.

And so, it could be argued that taking CBD gummies frequently can be beneficial when it comes to eliminating premature ejaculation.

To experience the full range of CBD benefits, it’s recommended to ingest CBD regularly, and gummies are ideal for regular ingestion.

When you take CBD gummies on a daily, you can take them in the morning, at your workplace, or before retiring to bed.

What are the Best CBD Gummies for Sexual Performance?

Thanks to high demand, the CBD market is growing at breakneck speed, and more CBD businesses are setting up camp.

But, you should know, not every CBD business out there is genuine. Some evil merchants are out to make a quick buck and dip.

To avoid buying scam CBD gummies, always make sure that that CBD brand has made public its lab test reports. Lab tests are usually done by an independent lab to verify whether the CBD product is of great standards.

Additionally, you should check to see that they use Full Spectrum CBD (unless you don’t want any THC) and that the brand has an outstanding reputation. If you’re a careful buyer, you are unlikely to get scammed by a CBD seller.

Conclusion: Do CBD Gummies Enlarge Penis?

Besides surgery, nothing else would alter the size of the penis. But that said, CBD gummies have an indirect contribution to penis performance; CBD gummies promote blood circulation, increase confidence, and encourage weight loss, among other benefits. These advantages are critical in boosting stamina, defying erectile dysfunction, increasing libido, and enhancing sexual performance, thus enabling a dude to have outstanding sex.