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DIY Pollen Press

A pollen press, also called a kief press, is a tool for compacting the resinous glands of cannabis flower into hash pucks or pellets. Pollen presses come in different types.

The resinous glands of cannabis flower usually contain a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids, and when you consume these resin glands, you experience potent effects.

Resin glands can be mixed with dry herbs or added to eatables. But one of the popular ways to consume resin glands is by preparing hash, which can be easily achieved with a pollen press.

To prepare hash, you don’t necessarily need a brand-new pollen press; you can very well devise a pollen press with readily available materials at your home, and prepare your hash.

Using a pollen press has many benefits including minimizing the wastage of cannabis flower, preserving the potency of cannabis flower, and increasing the lifespan of your hash pucks.

You will need the following materials to prepare a homemade pollen press; an unsharpened pencil, a fountain pen, and sturdy paper. Follow these steps to prepare your pollen press:

1. Dismantle the fountain pen so that you’re left with an empty, heavy-duty tube.

2. Using the sturdy paper as a funnel, slowly add the kief into the empty tube.

3. Insert one end of the pencil into the tube and apply some pressure to compact the kief.

4. Place the fountain pen in a cool and dry area and leave it for at least eight hours.

5. Withdraw your hash puck from the tube and enjoy.

Of course, a homemade pollen press will not be as efficient as a brand-new pollen press, but still, it will help you create some potent hash pucks that you can consume in different ways.

When selecting a fountain pen for improvising a tube, check to see that the pen’s shell is made of solid and strong material, or else the hash pucks won’t have a consistent shape and form.

Also, ensure that the fountain pen is clean as you don’t want the tube to have contaminants that would mix with your kief and potentially ruin the flavor or affect your health.

A homemade pollen press is easy to improvise with readily available materials. You can consume the hash pucks by smoking, vaping, or adding them to your favorite drinks and meals.

Another thing you need to take note of is that; if you miss a fountain pen, you can use any slim mental tube you find, as long as one of its ends is sealed shut.