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DABLAMP E-Rig Pros and Cons

The Dablamp E-Rig is an electric vaporizer for enjoying your tasty dabs and concentrates. This vaporizing accessory utilizes induction heating, thus there’s no need for a torch or lighter.

Pros of DABLAMP E-Rig

✔ This electric dabbing tool releases the purest and cleanest cannabis vapor.

✔ Since it’s built with quality materials, the smoke flavor is pristine and original.

✔ The DABLAMP E-Rig has an ergonomic design that helps preserve resources.

✔ It has a simple design and can be used with ease.

✔ It utilizes induction heating, thus no flames or wires, which promotes security.

✔ It has a compact build and is ideal for traveling with.

Cons of DABLAMP E-Rig

❌ Some parts of the rig may overheat.

❌ Batteries can drain fast and cause a glitch.