Crop King Seeds is a top-performing marijuana seeds company, and it has all varieties: regular, feminized, autoflowering seeds.

As more people turn to marijuana, it has driven up the demand, and currently, there’s a massive interest in growing marijuana.

The quality of marijuana bud is determined by the seeds. You need to plant top-tier marijuana seeds so that you obtain a high-quality yield.

Crop King Seeds has all your needs met. They have specialized in cannabis seeds and will help you select what suits your preferences and budget.

You can easily order marijuana seeds from this company and they will have them delivered anywhere in the world.

Important Things to Know

  • Understanding the differences of marijuana seeds. Regular seeds are offspring of the male and female plant, typically acquired through hand-pollination. Feminized seeds are obtained via self-pollination of the female marijuana plant. Self-pollination may be induced by natural or chemical causes. Autoflowering seeds are characterized by ruderalis Their flowering is not influenced by changes in the light cycle, but rather by the passage of time.
  • Crop King Seeds will provide you with the best marijuana seeds whether you are looking to grow cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes.
  • Their menu contains hundreds of marijuana strains, and some of these strains have been bred elsewhere, but others have been bred by the company.
  • They have a broad range of autoflowering marijuana seeds that make for easy growing and hit flowering quite rapidly.
  • Their regular cannabis strains are of great quality and can give you a shot at breeding your own marijuana strains.
  • Feminized marijuana seeds are usually highly recommended as they give birth to succulent female marijuana plants beloved for their rich properties.

What Crop King Seeds Offers:

They have an impressive range of marijuana seeds, but these are some of the popular ones:

CB Autoflower Cheese: with high CBD content, this is a rapidly flowering marijuana strain.

CB Dream Feminized: an indica-dominant strain with a good CBD to THC ratio and renowned for its uplifting effects.

CB Diesel CBD Feminized: it’s a popular strain for making concentrates.

Haze Xtreme Regular: it’s the result of strongly-enhancing Haze marijuana strain, and it delivers uniquely potent effects.

Auto CBD Critical Mass Feminized: it’s the perfect strain for eliminating pain and inducing calm and relaxation.

Harlequin Kimbo Kush Fast Version CBD Feminized: it has great CBD and average THC, thus ideal for both therapeutic and medicinal use.

Shiskaberry X Candida Fast Version CBD Feminized: it’s an indica dominant strain beloved for its relaxation effects and rapid flowering.

Pros of Crop King Seeds

  • Quality marijuana seeds. The seeds from this company are notably fresh. Healthy seeds make for top-yielding marijuana plants.
  • Excellent packaging. Whether you are in Canada or abroad, you get to receive your order in good condition partly because of the great packaging.
  • Incredible variety. It doesn’t matter how complex your preferences might be, they have a massive range of marijuana seeds, and you not only find what you want but also get inspiration.
  • Resourceful website. All the important information is made available, and it’s essential for making quick decisions.
  • Massive discounts. Crop King Seeds care about providing their products at affordable prices, which is why they are big on providing deals and discounts.#

Cons of Crop King Seeds

  • No physical location. The company is based out of Canada, but all operations are online-based. If you’re the type of person that likes walking into a store, sorry.


More people have started to use marijuana recreationally and for its medicinal value, and this has generated a huge demand for marijuana.

And now, more people are becoming interested in cultivating marijuana. You may grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, but the main thing is having quality marijuana seeds.

Crop King Seeds is an excellent marijuana seed company helping people cultivate top-yielding marijuana. Check them out.

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