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Comprehensive Marijuana Glossary: Terms You Need to Know

2 long: slang term for a marijuana cigarette.

420 (cannabis culture): 20th April, a day for celebrating cannabis.

510 threading: the average threading size in marijuana cartridges.

710: a moniker for hash oil.

Acapulco gold: a type of marijuana strain that originated in Mexico.

Access point: also known as marijuana dispensaries, these are state-approved locations where medical marijuana patients may buy medical marijuana.

Agitation: the process by which trichomes are removed from the cannabis plant; typically done by freezing the cannabis plant beforehand.

Alcohol extraction: the process of stripping trichomes, essential oils, and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant by using alcohol.

Amotivational syndrome: the false idea that users of cannabis can lack motivation.

Anti-cannabis organizations: these are groups that are fighting against cannabis legalization.

Aroma: the smell of marijuana flowers.

Auto-buddering: the process by which shatter changes in form or consistency.

Backcross: a type of breeding where elements of a marijuana strain are transferred to its offspring.

Bhang: the term for marijuana cigarettes.

BHO: stands for, Butane Hash Oil, and it’s a highly potent cannabis concentrate available in different forms and consistencies like wax, shutter, and budder.

Black market: selling of cannabis products in jurisdictions that criminalize cannabis.

Blasting: this is where a solvent is passed through the cannabis plant to form hash oil.

Blaze: the process of smoking cannabis.

Blazed: getting high as a result of smoking high-THC cannabis products.

Blunt: it involves emptying store-bought cigars of tobacco and then reusing the paper with marijuana flower.

Bong: an apparatus, typically made of glass, used for smoking marijuana flower.

Bongwater: the dark water that collects at the water of the bong.

Borosilicate glass: the most preferred glass for fabricating dab rigs.

Bowl: a part of the smoking apparatus where cannabis buds are put.

Bubbler: a smoking apparatus that functions as both a bong and a traditional pipe.

Bud: the smokable part of the cannabis plant.

Budder: cannabis concentrate that’s soft to the touch.

Budtender: a member of the staff in a cannabis dispensary. They assist medical marijuana patients with things like information on cannabis strains.

Butane Hash Oil: it is obtained by blasting cannabis buds with butane, but the butane evaporates at room temperature, leaving behind a highly potent substance known as wax or shatter.

Butane: one of the popular solvents used in the extraction of cannabinoids.

C02 extraction: the process of extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant by passing pressurized C02 through the cannabis plant.

C02: short for Carbon Dioxide, it’s one of the most used industrial solvents in concentrates extraction.

Cannabidiol: one of the chemical compounds in the cannabis plant with no psychoactive properties. Cannabidiol, or CBD, has recently become popular for its amazing health benefits including pain and anxiety relief.

Cannabinoid receptors: elements of the endocannabinoid system located throughout the body and that bind with cannabinoids for homeostatic balance.

Cannabinoids: a broad category of chemical compounds in the cannabis plant with varying chemical properties.

Cannabis: originating in Asia, the cannabis plant is one of the species with incredible health benefits; it comprises three subspecies thus cannabis ruderalis, cannabis sativa, and cannabis indica.

Carb cap: a tool that facilitates low-temperature dabbing on an open-air oil rig. It’s typically made of glass or ceramic and it has a spherical end and a pointed handle.

CBD: short for cannabidiol; it contains zero THC content, and thus no psychoactive properties.

C-cell cartridge: cannabis cartridges with ceramic coils.

Cheeba: it’s another name for marijuana; a corruption of the Spanish word “Chiva” which means heroin.

Clone: a clipping of the cannabis plant that can be planted and replicates its parent features.

Closed-loop extraction: a chemical extraction process that enables the recycling of solvents, particularly C02, instead of letting off into the air.

Closed-loop system: in this type of chemical extraction, the solvent isn’t exposed to the atmosphere.

Combustion: refers to the burning of cannabis buds, typically when smoking a blunt, dabbing or vaping.

Concentrate slurry: refers to concentrate that contains high levels of residual solvent.

Concentrates: a cannabis product that’s highly concentrated with one cannabinoid; most other phytochemicals are eliminated.

Cone: a type of joint that is thin at the start, but grows wider toward the end.

Convection: a method of vaporizing concentrate by using a carp cap.

Co-op: a community of cannabis users aimed for improving their welfare.

Cottonmouth: refers to the situation where the mouth goes dry after smoking marijuana and it’s almost as if there are cotton balls in your mouth.

Cross: refers to breeding multiple cannabis plants to create a hybridized strain.

Crystals: parts of the cannabis plant with the highest THC concentration, thus appropriate for making concentrates like kief.

Curing: processes performed on cannabis plants in the growth stage to enable them to use up sugars and starches before they dry up.

Dab mat: a silicone mat for protecting a dab rig.

Dabber: a sharp, protracted tool that helps place concentrates on a heated surface on an oil rig pipe.

Dabbing: one of the newest ways of consuming marijuana concentrates by typically using a dab rig.

Dabs: small-quantity concentrates that are typically dabbed.

Dank: highly potent cannabis product.

Decarboxylation: this process is usually done to increase marijuana potency. It involves heating cannabis flowers at medium heat to refine THC and CBD.

Decriminalization: abolishing laws restricting the use of cannabis.

Dewaxing: the process of purifying cannabis concentrates by eliminating waxes and lipid fats.

Diesel: a strain of marijuana with a hint of diesel smell.

Diffuser: an enhancement for a water pipe that improves the hit.

Directional airflow: where a carb cap is rotated atop a nail while dabbing.

Directional flow: involves folding parchment paper so that concentrate resin is siphoned into one area.

Dispensary: a store that is licensed to sell marijuana and other related products.

Dome: one of the main parts of a dab rig that improves smoking of concentrates.

Domeless nail: combining dome and nail to enhance the smoking of cannabis concentrates.

Downstem: a glass that provides a connection between a bowl and a bong.

Dry sieve hash: what you get when you separate trichomes from the marijuana plant and it’s typically done with a mesh screen.

Dugout: handcrafted box made of wood for holding a one-hitter and cannabis.

Earwax: potent cannabis concentrate.

Edibles: these are cannabis-infused products like cakes and gummies when ingested, THC, and CBD are metabolized in the stomach, thus minimizing bioavailability rate.

Eighth: measurement of marijuana that amounts to three and a half grams.

E-nail: a device that enhances the smoking of cannabis concentrates.

Endo: usually refers to cannabis planted and grown in closed-off areas.

E-rig: a device for vaporizing cannabis concentrates drawing energy from batteries rather than torches.

Errl: any type of hash oil.

Ethanol: simple alcohol used in the extraction of cannabinoids.

Extraction artist: a person who is licensed to extract cannabis concentrates.

Farnesene: a cannabis terpene that promotes mental focus.

Fatty: a big blunt that accommodates a lot of marijuana flowers.

Feminized: these are cannabis strains that create only female plants.

Flowering time: this is when a cannabis plant starts producing flowers.

Flowers: the sticky buds of cannabis that are harvested and consumed.

Fresh frozen: cannabis buds that are put in the freezer right after harvest to preserve their freshness.

Full melt: this is a concentrate that produces bubbles easily when placed on heat.

Ganja: popular name for marijuana buds.

Germination: when a cannabis seed is planted and starts to grow.

Glass pipe: a tool used for smoking marijuana.

Green out: happens when a person consumes too much highly potent cannabis concentrates that they blackout.

Grinders: used for grinding down cannabis buds for easier smoking and packing.

Half: a measurement unit of marijuana; amount to 14 grams.

Haze: one of the Sativa strains that enhance creativity and increases mental energy.

HCFSE: stands for High-cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract; it helps preserve cannabinoids.

Heady glass: a superior form of glass prepared by skilled artists and they are pricey.

Heat cleaning: removing residual concentrate by excessively torching the nail.

Heirloom: a cannabis strain taken from its place of origin and planted someplace else.

Heirloom: a non-hybridized cannabis strain.

Hemp: a cousin of the marijuana plant with no psychoactive properties because of its minuscule THC levels.

Hookah: a water pipe, originating in India, but also known as Shisha in the Arab world.

HTFSE: stands for High-terpene Full Spectrum Extract.

Humulene: a cannabis terpene that lowers appetite.

Hybrid: a breed of two or more cannabis strains, deliberately or unsystematically bred, to create a superior strain.

Hydrocarbon extraction: extracting cannabinoids with the aid of solvents like butane and propane.

Hydroponics: advanced method of cultivating marijuana; usually done indoors and without soil.

Ice wax: smooth hash usually extracted via water.

Indica: one of the three classifications of cannabis; the other two include sativa and ruderalis.

Isopropyl Alcohol: one of the popular solvents used in cannabis extraction.

Jelly hash: a highly concentrated cannabis product that consists of bubble hash and hash oil.

Joint: marijuana buds rolled into a smokable stick that resembles a cigarette.

Kief: highly potent cannabis product resulting from trichomes separated from the marijuana plant.

Kind: a moniker for highly potent cannabis products.

Kush: a nickname for marijuana, commonly used by young marijuana users.

Landrace: these are cannabis strains commonly grown in specific parts of the world.

Licensed facility: usually stores belonging to marijuana dealers. They are licensed for operation.

Limonene: a cannabis terpene for eliminating stress.

Linalool: a cannabis terpene for increasing relaxation.

Live resin: it’s where marijuana is extracted within two days of harvest. The flowers can still be frozen as a measure for increasing potency and reserving aroma.

Low-temp dab: a low-temperature dab that usually makes for powerful hits.

Marihuana: a slang term for cannabis.

Marijuana: broad term for cannabis products, especially the ones with high THC content.

Medical marijuana patient: someone who’s cleared by a health professional to use marijuana for treatment of specific health problems like pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and stress.

Medicated: it simply means having a high quantity of THC in your system, that you feel high.

Micron grade: used in bubble hash production for collecting trichomes.

Micron screen: an intricate mesh screen used in the making of bubble hash.

MIP: short for Marijuana-Infused Products.

Mota: the Spanish nickname for marijuana products.

Nail: an essential part of a dab rig that enhances smoking concentrates.

Nectar: the process by which hash oil is made from flower nugs rather than trim.

Nug: high-quality marijuana bud.

Nug-Run: a term for explaining that the cannabis product was made from only flower nugs.

Ocimene: a cannabis terpene that helps with inflammation.

OG: one of the cannabis strains with Southern California roots.

Oil: it’s hash oil with a golden appearance.

Oral: it involves swallowing cannabis products e.g. edibles and capsules. This method leads to a significantly low bioavailability rate.

Ounce: 28 grams of cannabis flower.

Pelican case: a special case for holding dab rigs.

Percolator: an essential part of the water pipe and enables powerful hits.

Phenotype: the inherent characteristics of a marijuana plant.

Pinner: a tightly rolled marijuana cigarette with minimal marijuana content.

Pistil: one of the significant parts of a cannabis plant in fertilization.

Pot: slang term for cannabis.

Pre-roll: a marijuana roll prepared to be consumed later.

Pre-run: marijuana bud before it’s processed.

Pressed hash: it involves tightly packing trichomes together and the resulting product usually stays fresh for longer.

Propane: one of the popular solvents used in the extraction of cannabinoids.

Pull n snap: shatter that’s a bit malleable and flexible.

Purging: the act of removing residual solvent from cannabis concentrates.

Quartz banger: a rounded dish used with a dab rig for vaporizing marijuana flower.

QWISO (Isopropyl Hash Oil): the product you get after extracting cannabinoids using alcohol.

Reclaim: the residual collected in a dab rig.

Recreational: the use of cannabis products for fun, typically produce euphoric feelings.

Residual solvent: any solvent that remains in concentrate after extraction and purging.

Resin: these are trichomes that create hash.

Rig: a specially-made pipe for consuming concentrates.

Roach: the small part of a marijuana joint that remains after smoking, but usually stored to be smoked when you run out of supply. A roach can burn your fingers, though.

Rotary evaporator: a device for recovering solvents, particularly ethanol, from concentrates.

Ruderalis: one of the three main cannabis types. The other two include sativa and indica.

Sativa: one of the main variations of the cannabis plant.

Schwag: marijuana flower that’s not fresh; it’s typically dry and brownish.

Seasoning: enhancing the combustion of marijuana flowers to achieve a superior taste.

Seed-to-sale concentrates: marijuana concentrates sold by a company that also cultivates its cannabis plants.

Sensimilla: a female cannabis plant that grows without seeds.

Shatter: one of the purest forms of marijuana concentrates.

Skunk: a highly potent cannabis strain with a strong smell.

Slab: high-quantity hash oil in marijuana products.

Solvent recovery: putting a solvent back into the tank, or evaporating and collecting it, for reuse.

Solvent-free: an extraction method in which all residual solvents are eliminated.

Spliff: a joint that contains both tobacco and marijuana.

Stash box: a container for putting your supply of marijuana products.

Stash: a term that refers to a collection of marijuana products.

Stoned: being under the heavy influence of THC after consuming cannabis products.

Stoner film: a film where cannabis is the major theme.

Stoner: a habitual user of cannabis products.

Strain: a type of cannabis plant usually identified for its special characteristics and effects.

Sugaring: when cannabis concentrates that haven’t been dewaxed change in form and consistency.

Supercritical botanical extractor: a system for extracting cannabinoids where carbon dioxide is used as the main solvent, also enabling carbon dioxide recycle.

Suppositories: putting marijuana-infused pellets in body orifices like vagina and anus.

Terpene distillation: harvesting terpenes from marijuana flowers using molecular distillation.

Terpenes: chemical compounds in the marijuana plant with a distinct flavor.

THC: one of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant with psychoactive properties, and responsible for eliciting euphoric feelings.

Three-chambered grinder: a tool for grinding marijuana flower and it’s typically made of segments for grinding, and collecting flower.

Tincture: a marijuana product usually dissolved in alcohol.

Topicals: marijuana-infused products like lotions and ointments for external use, specifically, applying on the skin.

Torch: a tool that uses propane to heat the concentrate in a dab rig.

Transdermal patches: patches that contain cannabinoids and can be placed on the skin to release medication via the skin.

Trichome: glands in marijuana plants that produce resin.  

Trim: the process of removing excess leaves from marijuana buds to increase the yield.

Trim-run: used to explain that marijuana trimmings, rather than nug-runs, were used in the preparation of a marijuana product. Trim-runs products cost less than nug-runs.

Vacuum oven: one of the popular equipment for purging solvent.

Vape pen: a device for converting concentrate into vapor via heat that can be inhaled.

Vaporization: the process of changing a concentrate into an inhalable vapor.

Vaporizer: a tool that discharges heat energy to convert concentrates into vapor.

Vegetative stage: the early stage of the growth of the cannabis plant, before it has started to produce buds.

Wax: highly concentrated marijuana concentrate.

Waxes and lipid fats: some of the organic compounds of a cannabis plant.

Weed: a slang term for cannabis flower.

Winterization: the process of removing fats, waxes, and lipids from cannabis extracts.