Common Accessories for Smoking, Dabbing and Vaporizing CBD

CBD is a versatile product that has been adopted in many industries including cosmetics, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

CBD may be ingested in different ways including sublingually, topically, orally, and by inhalation. Inhaled CBD makes for fast and potent effects.

Whether you want to smoke a CBD joint, dab some concentrated CBD oils, or vaporize some CBD vape juice, the choice is yours.

More people are leaning on the side of inhaling CBD over other ingestion methods because inhalation makes for fun and flexibility.

Whether you’re traveling or hanging out in a club, it’s easier to whip out your vaporizer to take some hits instead of sublingual ingestion.

Whether you’re smoking, dabbing, or vaporizing CBD, the following are some of the accessories you will need:

  1. Rolling papers: rolling papers are usually made of hemp or rice, and they are used for rolling joints. Spread some CBD flower onto the paper before rolling up your joint. It’s an art, and if you’re inexperienced, take some lessons on YouTube.
  2. CBD pre-rolls: as the name suggests, these joints have been prepared using organically grown high-grade flower, and they provide an enjoyable, flavor-rich smoking experience.
  3. Bongs: these are typically water pipes with cooling and filtration properties. With smoking, the smoke is hot and unfiltered, but with bongs, the smoke is cool and filtered, and less likely to irritate your soft throat tissues. To use a bong, you need to pack the bowl with CBD herb, then spark it and put your mouth at the mouthpiece to take a hit. The smoke passes through the filters to eliminate debris and passes through the water to develop that chilly quality, thus allowing you to take cool and amazing CBD hits.
  4. Dab rigs: dabs are concentrated forms of CBD, and are typically ingested with dab rigs. A dab rig is a type of water pipe that features a nail and a banger. The nail is heated and used to vaporize your CBD dabs or concentrates.
  5. Vaporizers: they come in diverse forms and designs, and are typically used to vaporize CBD vape juices or flower. Vaporizers typically apply low to medium heat to convert the vape juice into a lightweight CBD mist that doesn’t irritate the throat tissues. Also, vaporizers have flavor enhancements, thus making for a better vaporizing experience. Many people love vaporizers as they are handheld, reusable, and discreet. With a reusable vaporizer, once the original supply runs out, make sure to replenish with a viable resource, and also avoid exposing your vaporizer to heat sources.
  6. Scales: whether you’re taking CBD for recreational or medicinal reasons, you need to take the correct amount. With scales, you can measure out the correct dosage of CBD flower, which is critical in achieving the extensive therapeutic benefits of CBD.
  7. Grinders: when smoking a CBD joint, the smoothness of the hits is determined by the texture of the buds. You don’t want to roll up a joint with coarse hemp flower buds. With a grinder, you can crush the buds into smooth and consistent CBD crystals that will unleash the CBD flavor and make for an awesome smoking experience. There are many types of grinders; some grinders have simple features, whilst some grinders have advanced features. The advanced grinders may be used to harvest kief while grinding flower. Kief is the fine particles that makeup trichomes in a cannabis plant. Kief may be used in diverse ways including being smoked on its own, spicing up the end of marijuana joints, and infusing with edibles.
  8. Pollen press: if you’re into smoking or consuming hash coins, you will need a pollen press. The pollen press is for loading kief and transforming the kief into hash coins. The hash coins are typically dense CBD forms that may be ingested in diverse ways.
  9. Smoking pipes: this is a classic accessory for ingesting cannabis herb. It has been around for centuries. A smoking pipe has a relatively simple makeup of a bowl, a shank, a carb, and a mouthpiece. You typically pack the bowl with CBD herb and then spark it. The smoke flows down the shank and into the mouthpiece so that you take amazing CBD hits.
  10. Smell-proof bags: cannabis is rich in terpenes, which lends it a distinct aroma, and although CBD flower is not as heavily scented as marijuana flower, it still has a noticeable aroma. If you wouldn’t wish to have the CBD flower aroma spreading throughout the house, you need to invest in smell-proof bags and storage containers. These devices help with isolating CBD scent and help with preserving the freshness and integrity of CBD flower.
  11. e-nails: avoid the rigidity of a conventional dab rig by using an e-nail. It simplifies the dabbing experience by heating the nail electronically and allowing you to enjoy the dabbing experience to the maximum.

The Takeaway: Amazing CBD Smoking Accessories

By inhaling CBD resources, you get to enjoy rapid effects and higher bioavailability. Whether you like smoking, vaping, or dabbing CBD flower and vape juice, you will need a range of accessories including bongs, vaporizers, dab rigs, and handheld pipes.


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