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Chris Shepherd Houston Chef Ventures into CBD Cocktails

Chris Shepherd, an award-winning chef from Houston has started stocking his businesses with CBD-infused cocktails.

Chris has collaborated with Bayou City Hemp Company, to manufacture CBD cocktails that are now retailing at his Underbelly restaurants.

Underbelly Hospitality prides itself as a provider of premium dining services. They are not just about food but also providing an atmosphere for integration.

Chris admits that partnering with Underbelly became easy when he toured their facility in Houston. He claims that Bayou City Hemp company is a grassroots business that sources its hemp from local farmers with an excellent seed-to-shelf monitoring program.

What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound found in the hemp plant. It’s one of the many hundreds of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant.

The distinguishing feature of CBD is that it has minuscule THC content, the psychoactive ingredient, and so, you can ingest CBD and not experience a mental high.

CBD is a versatile product, and although the restaurant has started off with infused CBD cocktails, they may probably branch out to other CBD-infused products.

Ben Meggs, the cofounder of Bayou City Hemp confesses that he’s extremely happy with the collaboration between the two companies. It was his goal to have his company involved in offering CBD-infused foods and beverages.