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CBDology Review

Based out of Leeds in the UK, CBDology is at the forefront of transforming people’s lives with its premium hemp products.

They claim that they never allow a customer to walk away from them feeling dissatisfied. Wow! Some CBD companies can be rude once you give them your money.

CBDology CBD products are some of the best, but they also have fast shipping and a well-trained customer service department.

Depending on various factors like potency, frequency of use, and health conditions, the effects of CBD might take anywhere from two days to two weeks to kick in.

You’re covered by a money-back guarantee if you’re convinced it didn’t work.

What CBDology Offers

Cannadual: this product is a mix between CBD and CBG. Most people are familiar with CBD. But CBG, short for Cannabigerol, is the acidic precursor to various cannabinoids, and it has numerous health benefits including fighting pain and inflammation and eliminating nausea.

CBD oil: CBD oil is one of the most common CBD products because of its ease of ingestion. It has numerous ways to ingest it.

CBD edibles: CBD edibles usually have low bioavailability, but their effects usually hang on for quite some time.

CBD isolate: the purest form of CBD, it is stable, easy to handle, and causes no psychoactive effects.

CBD bath & skincare: nothing induces calm and relaxation more than taking a shower with infused salts.

Pros of CBDology

  • High ratings. If you’re a careful buyer, you should want to know what the experience of previous buyers was like, and thankfully, they seem satisfied. On an independent review site, CBDology has an average of 4.7 rating, which is a pretty good average.
  • Responsive customer service. Nothing sucks more than contacting customer support with a complaint or question and then they reply days later. With CBDology, their customer service reps are on standby to cater to your needs.
  • Delivers on time. When you place an order with them, it will arrive in the least time possible. Customers based in the UK find their shipping to be extremely reliable.
  • Important information is available. They have a ton of information on their website to help you recognize how to best use their products. The more informed you are, the more likely you are to make an informed decision.
  • No psychoactive effects. Their products are processed in a GMP-certified facility, resulting in quality CBD products with less than 0.3% THC. And so, you cannot get high from using CBDology products. The same cannot be said of shady CBD companies that mess up the processing and never put their products through 3rd party lab testing.
  • Premium industrial hemp. CBDology only uses industrial hemp from licensed farmers in the EU. They ensure that the hemp is grown naturally, without the use of chemicals or fertilizers, and that farmers observe cleanliness while handling their produce.
  • This company has an unchanging stance on transparency, as this is the first step toward winning the loyalty of customers. They make lots of information public to ensure customers have a full understanding of the company.

Cons of CBDology

  • Poor website design. The person who designed CBDology’s website wasn’t worth the check that they received. They might want to redo it.
  • Low social media presence. Many cannabis users would like to follow cannabis companies on social media, but they are often frustrated since these companies have a limited social media presence.


Whether you are managing a condition or you are looking to preserve your health, you cannot go wrong with CBD.

CBDology is a company in the UK that is improving people’s lives by providing quality, CBD-infused health supplements.

Their customers have nothing but praise for this company, and they can be relied on for amazing offers, quick shipping, and outstanding customer service. Check them out.