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CBD Prolong Review

CBD Prolong is a vertically integrated company with a meticulous seed-to-shelf product process. It uses superior methods to create advanced CBD products.

Its supercritical carbon dioxide equipment makes for the wholesome extraction of cannabinoids, a critical step in making superior CBD products.

Their products are processed in a GMP-certified facility, rooting out the possibility of technical faults and accidents.

This company provides quality products that contain less than 0.3% THC; enriched with terpenes and natural flavors.

If a CBD product be having chemicals, the product quality goes down, but CBD Prolong uses chemical-free ingredients, thus boosting its therapeutic properties.

What CBD Prolong Offers

CBD capsules: CBD capsules might be absorbed slowly, but they induce lasting CBD effects.

CBD muscle rub: if your muscles have soreness, you may fight it away with the muscle rub.

CBD balm: when you apply CBD balm on your skin, the molecules sink to your dermis, bringing repair to the affected cells.

CBD face cream: put some CBD face cream on your face to make it glossy, fight away skin cracks and pimples, and acquire smooth and milky skin.

CBD Prolong offers both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, helping customers to select products that precisely align with their health needs.

Pros of CBD Prolong

  • Worldwide legally compliant products. CBD Prolong offers products that adhere to legal requirements across the world. There’s no possibility of getting arrested and pushed away after consuming any of its products.
  • 3rd party lab-tested. This company provides only the best products, and they want you to be sure about this, which is why they put their products through 3rd party lab-tests, and they make the lab reports available.
  • Products contain less than 0.3% THC. Products by CBD Prolong contain less than 0.3% THC. And so, you may not experience psychoactive effects from consuming these products. People love products without mind-altering effects so that their productivity may not be affected. However, if you consume some poorly manufactured CBD products, there’s a good possibility that they contain excessive THC that may cause psychoactive effects.
  • They cater to both direct consumers and business people. If you’re a CBD reseller, you may buy a large quantity of CBD products at a wholesale price. There’s a form to fill out and submit and they’ll contact you.
  • Highly transparent company. The company supervises every step of product making, but they make public key information like lab reports and the type of industrial hemp they use. The importance of transparency for a company cannot be overstated.
  • Non-GMO products. Genetically modified CBD products typically harm your health. CBD Prolong makes sure that its ingredients are 100% organic. For instance, where additives are required, they avoid artificial ingredients and go to organic additives.
  • It’s a top-ranked company. CBD Prolong is awarded several compliance certificates. Its peers have a favorable opinion of the company. Avoiding shortcuts, committing to product excellence, and delivering quality services make CBD Prolong a high-value hemp company.
  • Flavored products. Some people steer clear of CBD products complaining that raw CBD oil tastes awful. Companies are overturning this problem by providing CBD products enriched with different flavors. With great taste, the products become delicious.

Cons of CBD Prolong

  • No disclaimer of a money-back guarantee. Some CBD users like to be protected by a money-back guarantee, so that they may return the product if it doesn’t work. CBD Prolong has not highlighted whether it has this condition.


If you are looking for quality CBD products, CBD Prolong looks like an amazing choice, because it has proven to have high standards.

The company grows its premium hemp, and it makes sure that all ingredients are 100% organic, boosting therapeutic effects.

Their shipping is fast, and their customer service is excellent. Check them out.