The Best Grow Tent Ventilation Systems

When you decide to grow your hemp or marijuana plants in a grow tent, one of the things you must install in the grow tent is the ventilation system. The ventilation system within a grow tent has numerous benefits. For one, it supports the supply of fresh air to the plants, thus boosting their photosynthetic … Read more

6 Outstanding Features of VIVOSUN Grow Tents

Lately, many people are getting into cannabis growing. Some people prefer cultivating cannabis on a plot of land while some people prefer investing in indoor grow kits. Indoor grow kits typically consist of different accessories and supplies including floor trays, grow lights, growing media, ventilation systems, and grow tents. Grow tents have become popular for … Read more

The Best pH and TDS Meters

If you’re growing hemp and marijuana plants in an indoor setup, one of the things you must provide is growing media such as soil mix and hydroponics. But, the growing media needs to achieve a certain nature for it to be effective. For instance, it needs to hold sufficient nutrients, moisture, and stable pH levels. … Read more

The Best Grow Room Glasses & Eyewear

When you grow hemp and marijuana in an indoor environment, you need to install artificial lights, and although these lights enhance plant development, they aren’t too good for the eyes. Continued exposure to lights within an indoor grow environment can lower the ability of your eyes to focus, identify shapes, make out movements, and notice … Read more

The Best Reflective Mylar Film Rolls

To achieve outstanding plant yield and plant health for your indoor plants, you need to supply the plants with sufficient lighting. One of the accessories that improve lighting quality is the reflective mylar. The reflective mylar film roll redirects light to the plants. When you install reflective mylar film rolls in your grow room, the … Read more

The Best Grow Light Hangers & Movers

Many hemp and marijuana growers like practicing indoor farming because it grants them complete control of the growing factors and environment. One of these factors is light. For an indoor grow setup, you need to install your lighting system, to mimic the sun and support plant performance. Grow light hangers are used for positioning the … Read more

The Best Grow Light Timers

With indoor cannabis growing, one of the essential factors you must provide is a light source. For optimum results, periods of light and periods of dark should run at ideal lengths. Light is one of the major ingredients of photosynthesis. As an inexperienced grower, you might have the mind to leave the lights running round … Read more

The Best Grow Light Reflector Hoods

Grow light reflectors are great for boosting light effectiveness. They enhance the distribution and intensity of light, thus promoting plant yield and health. By installing grow light reflector hoods, you eliminate the possibility of light wastage, and you enable the plants to receive the full amount of light energy. To avoid causing burns, it’s critical … Read more

The Best Grow Light Ballasts

With indoor cannabis growing, one of the things you’ll require is grow lights, and for grow lights to work properly, they need different components, including ballasts. Grow light ballasts typically regulate the level of electricity that flows into the lamp. Without grow light ballasts, the lamps are at risk of emitting excessive energy or failing. … Read more

Pros and Cons of Plasma Grow Lights

Grow lights are one of the essential components of indoor cannabis grow center, and there are numerous grow light options, including plasma grow lights. Plasma grow lights are sort of late-model lighting systems and have been slowly garnering popularity amongst hobby and commercial plant growers. Consisting of Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) bulbs, they produce a … Read more