Cannibisters is a members-only association for cannabis consumers. Before you can access their platform, you must apply for a paid membership, so that they review your profile and approve it.

The Cannnibisters private cannabis club operates out of Cape Town, South Africa, and thousands of people in SA have access to the platform, which allows them to indulge in cannabis in style.

If you’re the type of person that likes having a brotherhood that unites you over the love of a particular thing, you would be excited about joining the Cannibisters cannabis club.

Owned and operated by specialists, the purpose of Cannibisters is to propagate alternative healing modalities, based on ancient Chinese medicine. The club incorporates a store, a coffee shop, and a lounge area, and members are able to share and interact in a discreet environment.

Rooted in class and style, the Cannibisters management readily accepts new members, but first, they examine whether a person is a good fit for the club before granting them membership.

Cannibisters Menu

This South African private cannabis platform provides an extensive range of cannabis products. The following are some of the products that make up Cannibisters Menu:

1. Cannabis Accessories

Whether one is enjoying dried herbs or concentrates, one will need certain accessories that make for easy consumption of cannabis resources. The following are some of the cannabis accessories available at Cannnibisters:

  • Rolling papers
  • Herb grinders
  • Joint holders
  • Glass smoking pipes
  • Hemp rolling papers

2. Extracts and Concentrates

Smoking dry herbs is one of the common ways of ingesting cannabis. It only requires rolling some dried flowers into a joint and then lighting it up. However, if you’d like to experience cannabis resources with greater potency, you can try concentrates and extracts. The following are some of the extracts and concentrates from Cannibisters:

  • Vape oils
  • Tinctures
  • Hash pucks
  • Shatter
  • Wax

3. Edibles

Cannabis edibles are typically ingested orally. They undergo metabolism in the gut, thus slowing down the release of cannabis compounds in the bloodstream, which makes it seem like delayed activation of effects. Many people like taking cannabis edibles because of of their enhanced flavors, and the fact that they deliver a slow, dreamy, and lasting body and mental buzz. The following are some of the edibles offered by Cannibisters:

  • Gummy bears
  • Chocolate brownies
  • Fudges
  • Cheesecakes
  • Coconut ice
  • Gummies

4. Fresh Buds

Most people enjoy smoking fresh and juicy cannabis flowers. One may consume cannabis buds by rolling a joint or using other devices such as bongs and dab rigs. To enjoy the smoking experience, you need to use fresh and juicy dried cannabis flowers. Cannibisters provides fresh cannabis buds; they’ve stocked up on all the greatest cannabis strains and species.

Hybrid: pink sunset, lion’s bread, watermelon punch, tropicano cookies, platinum kush breath, peanut butter breath, banana cooler, white widow, Acapulco gold, sangria slushy, banana og, jelly breath, double stuffed sorbet, ghost cookies, and pineapple og.

Indica: slurricane, pink sunset, ewe2, northern lights, girl scout cookies, and og kush.

Sativa: blue dream, green crack, chocolope, super lemon haze, white widow, and jack herer.