Smart people are always in demand. You get good grades. Companies fight for you. And you offer quick solutions to problems. Can smoking weed make you smart?

If you have old-school and overly religious parents, they probably warned you against smoking weed because you would become a loser.

They couldn’t have been more wrong. Smoking weed is good, not bad, but you have to smoke just the right amount.

Many people who have accomplished major feats, people like Barack Obama and Bill Gates, are regular weed smokers, and they advocate for its legalization.

Of course, we are not saying that smoking marijuana will magically turn a bozo into the brightest mind in the room.

How Marijuana Promotes Intelligence

Smoking marijuana helps you become smart in the following ways:

1. It boosts creativity

One of the smartest dudes ever, Albert Einstein, bordered on craziness. But was he crazy? Nope! Albert even said that imagination was more important than knowledge, and he gave credit to his imagination for his massive contribution to science. But then marijuana is proven to promote creativity. It’s not by mistake that many artists produce or produced their best works under the influence of THC. When you smoke marijuana, it eliminates your inhibitions, and it allows you to pursue aggressively what you are after. Marijuana also enables you to have unique perceptions about the world we live in. It helps you to not conform or think along micro wavelengths as everyone else.

2. It improves focus

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable and skilled a person is, if they lack focus, they never meet their full potential. To accomplish a huge feat, you have to have the commitment and put in the work. If you’re easily distracted, you can never accomplish your goals, and it can drive you into making dumb and regrettable choices. But when you have focus and discipline, you get to work on your goals, and you achieve major things that force people to consider you a smart individual.

3. It increases self-confidence

Having confidence means that you consider yourself important and worthy. It’s nearly impossible to scale the heights of success when you’re lacking self-confidence. Most people have their self-confidence shattered early in life through abuse and going through life hardships. With low self-esteem, you attract negative people who only take advantage of you, and you are also unable to accomplish your important goals. Smoking marijuana banishes your negative self-image. It leads you into thinking highly of yourself. And when you have self-confidence you are in a position to demand respect and break relationships with people (or things) that stop you from making progress. Having self-confidence enables you to attract the best people into your life, and it takes these mutually-beneficial collaborations to start an activity or movement that changes your life.

4. It eliminates anxiety

So many talented people will never get the recognition they deserve because of their crippling anxiety. Being anxious is simply being driven by fear. They are always afraid of what’s about to happen. Anxiety holds people back more than anything else. But smoking weed is one of the best methods of overcoming anxiety. It helps you to be comfortable in your skin. Smoking weed eliminates the fear of people. You’re no longer fazed by the activity ahead of you. When you kick away anxiety, you empower yourself to become the best version of yourself, especially through your talents.

5. It promotes social skills

Here’s something we never repeat enough times: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Without a network, you are less likely to become successful. You have to have social skills to be able to meet people and network. The good thing about smoking marijuana is that it eliminates your self-inhibitions and puts you in a positive mood, and then it becomes easy to connect with others.