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Can I Be Arrested For CBD Possession?

I’m sure you heard about the grandmother who was arrested at Disney for possession of CBD oil. It was a travesty considering that CBD is legal in all 50 U.S. States.

It almost looks like she had the misfortune of running into cops who hadn’t met their weekly arrest quota.

CBD is fast becoming popular because it helps manage various health issues like pain, anxiety, and memory loss. People have always been aware of its health benefits, and until 2018, CBD was still considered an illegal substance.

What is the situation like at present? What if you get pulled over, and the cop notices a bottle of CBD oil sitting on your passenger seat? Will you be asked to step out so they can put you in handcuffs?

Nope, it shouldn’t happen. CBD companies have spent liberal amounts of money to sensitize the world on CBD, and since the law is on their side, they’ve gotten the authorities to back away.

If you get arrested for having CBD oil that doesn’t contain more than 0.3% of THC, then that cop is either ignorant or hates you – or both.

Perhaps CBD companies should take it a step further and fund a bill that gives recourse to victims of wrongful arrests. Having been arrested once (for something stupid) and endured the humiliation of getting pushed away as I resisted, anyone who’s wrongly arrested deserves to be compensated.

In my book, any arrest for possession or distribution of CBD oil is wrongful, and the cop behind that should face the music.

CBD Versus Probation Drug Test

You know, if you’re an offender and you’re put on probation, you will have to undergo regular drug tests for the government to see whether you’re being a good boy.

The drug tests are dependent on a lot of things: your state, your parole officer, how you relate with your parole officer, what crime you had committed, and the judge.

You should stay away from drugs for the entire length of your probation. But, what about CBD oil? How will the government react to finding CBD in your system?

THC would send an alarm, and you might want to stay away from CBD products with THC content. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains THC, and if it exceeds 0.3%, you’re in trouble [1].

To stay on the safe side, take broad-spectrum CBD oil, which contains all the essential oils, terpenes, but has no THC content.

Or you may stick to chewing CBD gummies, for they have negligible amounts of THC.

Driving After Taking CBD Oil

If you take CBD oil and drive off, what is it like? It’s the best thing ever because you’re more focused, anxiety-free, and filled with energy.

Might the law suggest otherwise?

For instance, if a cop watches you coming and pulls you off, and subjects you to a drug test, will it end up with you in handcuffs being pushed away?

Unless you consumed marijuana-derived CBD oil. If you’re taking hemp-derived CBD oil, there won’t be enough THC in your system to warrant an arrest.

If you don’t want to have any THC detected in your system, you might want to stay away from full-spectrum CBD oil, and only consume isolate or Broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Considering that many accidents occur as a result of low-energy drivers, CBD oil is a good thing, not a bad thing, because it revs up your body, turning you into a human dynamo.

CBD Oil and Your Employer

There’s this trucker who had a serious injury at a stop but he carried on with the journey because… truckers are supposed to be tough people.

So, he arrives in a city, checks himself into a hospital, and he’s given medication. Hours later, his shoulders still hurt like a bitch.

He does a little online research on how to make the pain go away and discovers CBD oil. He orders a few bottles. He starts ingesting the CBD oil sublingually, carries on with work, but he’s feeling much better.

A week later the truckers are summoned by the boss for the routine drug test. He’s got more THC in his body than allowed. He loses his job.

The dude thought that the CBD oil he’d taken was safe because it was labeled THC-free. He thought wrong. The product was sadly counterfeit. He sued for damages and the matter is unsettled yet.

According to bar gossip, Texas is the most anti-CBD state. It seems that some employers don’t care that CBD won’t get you high. If you’re in a line of work where drug tests are common, stick to THC-free CBD oil. But make sure it’s not mislabeled. Or counterfeit. Some industries have zero tolerance for high THC levels.

K9 Drug-sniffing Dogs Versus CBD Oil

Detector dogs have incredible potential for sniffing cannabis. They have always been crucial in major drug bursts and smugglers are aware of this fact.

Can they sniff the cannabis off your CBD-infused edibles tucked away in your possessions? Certainly not. For instance, CBD gummies have many other ingredients that minimize THC.

But, can the detector dogs sniff cannabis off a bottle of CBD oil? Yep, they are trained to detect THC, but it doesn’t matter if they raise an alarm over your full-spectrum CBD oil, because a test will show the THC content is within legal limits.

I Want to Import CBD

You can legally import CBD, but you have to do your assignment on your supplier.

– Make sure it contains less than 0.3% of THC

– Make sure the CBD oil is extracted from hemp (not marijuana)

– Make sure it’s third-party lab-tested to ensure the claims on the label are accurate

Legal States for Marijuana-derived CBD Oil

Is CBD legal across the 50 U.S. States? Only hemp-derived CBD oil. As for marijuana-derived CBD oil, which contains high THC levels, it’s legal in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington

Retailers: Afraid of Selling CBD

Most CBD consumers are getting their supply from online sellers. Brick and mortar businesses appear reluctant to stock up CBD because of legal vagueness.

Retailers should be emboldened by the law and stock up on CBD products. As long as you’re selling CBD oil that doesn’t have too much THC, you have nothing to worry about.

In as much as the online sales are record-breaking, we still want to see CBD products stocked up in neighborhood stores, and then our movement will have won the war.

Farmers: Get Your Licenses for Growing Hemp

CBD companies are popping up like mushrooms (which is good), and the hemp plant is in all-time demand. Hemp farmers are raking in good money. But don’t be too excited that you begin farming hemp without a license; that’d be a guarantee to having a couple of rough nights.

The Legality of CBD in Texas


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