Millions of men usually wonder how they can make their small penis bigger, and how they can last longer in bed. But is that doable?

According to Harvard, some 30 million American males have erectile dysfunction and struggle with penis-size insecurities. It can potentially eat into the quality of their sex life.

Some men try to manage their sexual health problems by swallowing pills, and even though certain pills might be effective, they typically predispose you to numerous side effects.

But what’s the alternative? Many men have been shifting from OTC pills and drugs to the non-psychoactive cannabis compound named CBD (short for cannabidiol).

According to anecdotal evidence and preliminary studies, regular CBD ingestion may improve sexual health, and help those struggling with penis size and performance in bed.

Following these reports and evidence that CBD is beneficial to men, it comes as no surprise that many men have started to incorporate cannabidiol products into their lives.

Does CBD Deliver Instant Results?

Nope, it won’t magically increase the size of your penis, but it will help you achieve steel-hard erections and improve your stamina while having sex.

CBD products come in diverse forms and flavors. Some of the common CBD products include sublingual strips, tinctures, edibles, capsules, topicals, and sprays.

Ideally, you should try different CBD products and settle for one that suits your tastes and preferences. If you’re looking to improve your sexual health, invest in some CBD resources.

CBD Oil Has Vasodilation Properties

When CBD oil popped up, and we learned about its numerous health benefits like relieving pain, minimizing anxiety, and fighting cancer, it wasn’t long before men wondered whether CBD can help their Johnson.

But surprise, surprise, CBD oil does actually improve erections, but the effects are not dramatic, and so this solution ain’t round.

CBD contains several cannabinoids with vasodilation properties. They enlarge blood vessels, improve blood flow, and minimize pressure.

And so, more blood can coast into your nether regions, making your penis harder, and angrier; enabling you to have incredible sex with your lover.

CBD Oil Supports Weight Loss

Some fat guys look like beached whales when they lay on a bed. Their obesity usually gets in the way of their sex life.

CBD is one of the compounds that promote weight loss. For one, CBD interacts with your brain to lessen the hunger pangs.

Most people who are addicted to junk foods usually have a messed-up hunger response, and so they binge even when their body doesn’t need more food.

CBD supports weight loss by also improving metabolism, thus causing your body to eat into its fat reserves to convert it into energy.

By minimizing hunger pangs and increasing metabolism, CBD can help you lose weight, thus helping you look great and have stamina during sex.

Someone with an average body mass index is likely to have more stamina than someone who’s obese. Also, having a lean body and frame will add some power to your level of confidence and self-esteem.

CBD Oil Promotes Quality Sleep

Did you know that messy sleeping habits can be a contributing factor to erectile dysfunction? Yep, if you be sleep-deprived you predispose yourself to erectile dysfunction.

But then CBD oil interacts with your brain to induce calm and relaxation, and as a result, it helps you to sleep like a baby.

When you get adequate sleep your body works optimally. It also improves your ability to preserve an erection and go on for as long as you want to.

Ensure that you ingest CBD on a full stomach so that you experience high bioavailability, which would mean a better profile of CBD effects.

CBD Oil Improves Your Mental Focus

Think about it, most negative habits come up as a result of not being focused, but these negative habits make us susceptible to erectile dysfunction.

For instance, porn addiction, binge eating, and masturbation are all vices that come up when we are not doing something with our lives.

But if we take CBD oil, we are in a good position to improve our mental focus, and this enables us to not fall victim to negative habits like masturbation and porn addiction.

For the best effects on your mind, you want to take CBD products regularly.

CBD Oil Promotes Confidence

Owing to the extensive benefits of CBD, it feels like there’s a redeeming influence exerted on your mind and body, and as a result, you end up feeling great about yourself; your self-confidence shoots through the roof.

When it comes to sex, confidence is necessary, or else you are going to be self-inhibited. You need the confidence to initiate sex and lead your partner.

The regular use of CBD oil can help you increase your self-confidence so that you become comfortable in what you are, and it minimizes conditions like erectile dysfunction.

CBD Oil for Boosting Libido

When you have a low libido, it means you have a diminishing desire for sexual activity. This problem can affect both men and women.

Various things like depression, insufficient sleep, and aging are some of the common causes of declining libido. CBD oil has been suggested with boosting libido.

Cannabidiol molecules interact with the endocannabinoid system to activate the recovery of an individual’s sexual desire. You may incorporate CBD into your daily routine to draw maximum sexual health benefits.

CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

It’s one of the worst sexual health problems that can hit a man. It refers to your member being unable to get (and stay) erect so that you have sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is typically caused by things like trauma, poor lifestyle, and particular medications. Also, if you like watching porn and masturbating, erectile dysfunction could hit.

One of the ways you could mitigate erectile dysfunction is by taking CBD supplements. Erectile dysfunction is less prevalent in regular CBD users.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you may use CBD topicals and eatables to reverse those effects and start getting a powerful erection.

CBD Oil for Lubrication

Vaginal dryness is one of the problems that most women experience, especially once they hit a certain age. It causes sex to become painful.

CBD-based lubricants help make sex much more comfortable. They come in diverse forms and consistent use makes for comfortable sex.

Apart from its lubrication properties, CBD is also helpful in terms of eliminating inflammation and pain, thus making sex sweet for both parties.

CBD Oil for Improving Penis Condition

Certain skin disorders can extend to the penis and make it look awful. One of these skin disorders is psoriasis. It typically makes the penis look “ugly”.

You don’t want to whip out your penis and send the other person into a mini-panic when they see that the penis is covered with skin cracks.

CBD creams may be massaged into the penis to make the patches and the cracks typically of psoriasis go away. It helps with making the skin of the penis appear amazing.

CBD Oil for Testosterone

Testosterone is the male sex hormone and the main driver of sexual behavior and performance. Low testosterone typically causes problems like minimized sexual desire.

Once a boy hits teenagehood, the production of testosterone surges, thus helping them develop secondary male characteristics like voice breaking and beard development.

Upon reaching a certain age, the testosterone levels start to decrease and this can affect your sex life. CBD may help with boosting the production of testosterone. And this improves your sexual performance.

How to Use CBD to Improve Your Sex Life

For the best results, you need to ingest CBD frequently. But thankfully, you can easily incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

There are diverse CBD products out there, and each of them has its pros and cons, and you need to choose a CBD product that suits your preference.

CBD edibles and capsules are typically ingested orally; CBD creams and CBD massage oils are typically applied topically, and CBD tinctures are typically ingested sublingually.

One of the driving factors of an excellent erection is circulation. If you have a strong and potent blood circulation system, you automatically experience amazing erections. Studies suggest that CBD may help with boosting blood flow, thus improving your capacity to experience good performance.

Overall, most people who struggle with erectile issues are usually troubled by psychological problems. It is in this domain that CBD makes a major difference in terms of improving a man’s performance in bed.

CBD may help with managing various mental and psychological issues including depression and anxiety. Owing to the versatility of CBD, one may ingest CBD in diverse ways, and it’s all about your preferences.

Edibles: these are CBD products that are typically ingested orally. Some popular CBD edibles include gummies, cookies, capsules, and candies. CBD edibles are excellent when it comes to aiding relaxation and reducing anxiety. Upon oral ingestion, CBD is metabolized in the gut, which delays the activation of CBD effects. Thus, if you’re looking to use some CBD edibles for the purpose of improving your game, ensure you have time.

Massage oil: CBD massage oil is applied topically, and it makes for relatively fast effects. CBD massage oil may help with improving blood flow, reducing pain, reducing inflammation, and exerting mental and physical relaxation. CBD massage oil would be helpful in aiding a man’s game.

Lubricant: lubricants are needed to spice up the sex game, and take the level of enjoyment to a whole new level. And so, using CBD lubricants on your spouse, it’s a convenient way of improving sex as you preserve the erection.

Will CBD Make Your Penis Huge?

The thing is, as a man, God has given you certain genetic features. Past the age of 20 – 22, your penis is unlikely to elongate or enlarge further.

To actually enlarge your penis, you would need to manipulate the tissues, which cannot be done by taking a pill, but it can be done with surgery.

And so, it’s not possible to alter your penis by consuming something. You’ll notice that we have based our argument on how CBD can improve sexual performance by pointing out that CBD usually improves your ability to get and retain a hard erection and boosts your overall well-being and psyche, whose effects can be translated as beneficial in boosting sexual prowess.

And so, fellows, I’d love to tell you that there’s something you can eat or drink and watch your penis elongate or enlarge, as though by magic.

But the thing is, you can’t edit your genetic features unless you’re willing to go under the knife, which is typically beyond the reach of many. However, you can take CBD supplements to influence how your body operates.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with having a small penis, when flaccid, but then when you become turned on, you have all the blood rushing to your penis, transforming it from a little penis into a massive monster penis.

If you want to optimize the effects of CBD for penis size improvement, we suggest that you take CBD regularly. You can choose to ingest CBD either a few times a week or even every freaking day!

You see, CBD has therapeutic benefits, but unlike medicine, you don’t have to ingest CBD as though it was prescribed. You can very well incorporate CBD into your lifestyle and play around with different products.

If you’re a beginner, you need to start with a small dose, and then you can adjust to a bigger dose as you garner experience, and understand how your body reacts to CBD products.

Most people take CBD without experiencing any side effects; more precisely, if you adhere to the dosage guidelines, you are unlikely to experience any side effects. Whether you prefer CBD oils, vapes, ointments, sublingual strips, or suppositories, the thing is you are free to explore the particulars of how you want to ingest CBD.

Is CBD Good for Enlarged Prostate?

An enlarged prostate describes the condition where the prostate gland increases in size or becomes bigger than usual.

Older men are particularly susceptible to this problem, and the condition typically makes it difficult for the victim to enjoy sex.

It’s recommended that a man seeks medical diagnosis as soon as he notices the initial signs and symptoms of enlarged prostate.

Some of these symptoms include weak urinary streams, dribbling after urination, loss of bladder control, and sexual dysfunction.

Failure to manage enlarged prostate may put one at risk of infections, bladder stones, impaired kidney function, and cancer.

According to limited studies and anecdotal evidence, CBD may be beneficial in minimizing the symptoms of enlarged prostate.

CBD exerts its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and relaxing properties to not just salvage the victim from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate but also deter the progress of related medical issues.

By exerting all these remedial and curative effects, the victim goes back to having normal and healthy prostate glands, and they can develop a steady erection and enjoy sex like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s also worth mentioning that CBD combined with prostate cancer medication can accelerate the death of cancer cells, prevent prostate cancer cells from growing and dividing, and deter the invasion and corruption of other tissues by prostate cancer cells.

Conclusion: Does CBD Oil Improve Penis Size?

CBD oil may not automatically increase penis size, but CBD oil typically has different properties and benefits that not only improve the size of the erected penis but also improve a man’s performance during sexual intercourse. CBD oil is great for penis and sexual health. One of the best ways to improve your penis size and sex performance is by incorporating CBD into your daily routine. CBD has various properties that are advantageous for your sex life. CBD is available in different forms and you just have to choose a product that aligns with your tastes and preferences.



    1. It depends on the type of CBD product. Tinctures may be taken sublingually; topicals may be applied to the skin, and capsules may be taken orally.

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