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Can CBD Make Me Lazy?

I recently saw an online thread where this guy complained that he had lost his motivation for work after taking CBD oil through the week. He claimed that CBD oil had not just made him lazy but it had also caused him to start dozing off during the day.

And the question is: can CBD oil make you lazy, sleepy, or tired?

CBD interacts with the Endocannabinoid System to regulate various physiological processes, and the majority of CBD users report no cases of imported laziness, sleepiness, or tiredness.

However, if you ingest CBD oil that contains more than 0.3% THC, you might experience euphoric feelings, and a subtle high that can cause you to doze off.

The CBD market is not tightly regulated, and this allows numerous companies to skip 3rd party lab-testing.

As a result, we have many products in circulation that are grossly mislabelled, especially when it comes to cannabinoid concentration.

If you buy high-quality CBD products, there’s a good chance that like most CBD users, you’ll have a positive experience too.

But then a tiny fraction of CBD users experience side effects like sleepiness and tiredness after ingesting high-quality CBD oil. Most of them usually have pre-existing health conditions, though.

Going back to the dude who complained that CBD oil had made him lazy… Whether his assumption was true or false depends on two factors: his health status and the quality of the CBD oil he’d consumed.

Avoiding the Side Effects of CBD Oil

The following are some of the precautions you need to follow to ensure that you don’t develop any side effects when you consume CBD oil.

Find out whether there’s a drug interaction: I mean, if you have a health problem, and are taking medication, you want to ensure that CBD won’t react against this medication. Drug interaction can cause sleepiness and drowsiness. So, talk to your doctor, and let them know what condition you are battling, what medication you are on, and they will advise you whether or not to take CBD oil.

Only purchase CBD oil from reputable sellers: we cannot stress this enough; many sharks are lurking on the internet waiting to grab your money. They invest in a kickass website and employ the best copywriters to hypnotize you and have you place an order. But then they ship low-quality CBD oil that probably contains hazardous substances. Most of the transactions in the CBD market take place via the internet, but if there’s a quality CBD dispensary in your city, you may want to purchase there. When buying CBD oil online, you have to be super careful; make sure that the company sends its products for 3rd party lab-testing, that their CBD oil is processed in a GMP-certified facility, that they ship quickly, and that they have great customer support. You can always tell these things quickly if you take the time to go through customer reviews.

Take the right dosage: if you overdose marijuana, it can lead to a blackout, or at the very least, it can lead to side effects like confusion, anxiety, paranoia, and a racing heart. But if you overdose CBD oil, there doesn’t seem to have any side effects, except in a few cases. Since you are not sure how your body is going to react to CBD oil, you might want to start with a small dosage, and noticing how your body reacts, you may work your way into a big dosage. One of the best ways to incorporate CBD in your daily routine is through taking infused edibles.

Be patient: your immune system is to your body what an army is to a country: it safeguards you against your enemies. Some CBD products contain ingredients that prompt an inflammatory response, and this can have you experiencing different side effects including feeling sleepy and tired. However, if you are patient with yourself, if you can allow your body to get familiar with CBD oil, the side effects quickly fade away, and you proceed to have a positive experience with CBD oil. This tip is not just for CBD oil but every medicinal substance you’ll ever take because some of us require more time for the anticipated effects to kick in.

Change the administration method: sometimes, the effectiveness of a CBD product can depend on how you consume it. For instance, if you ingest sublingually, it leads to a high bioavailability rate and rapid action onset, but if you ingest orally, the CBD gets metabolized, and the potency is significantly reduced. If your body is usually sensitive to foreign substances, you may want to start with an ingestion method that ensures low bioavailability. CBD products are available in different forms including edibles, capsules, creams, and tinctures.

Can CBD Make Me Tired?

If you feel tired after taking CBD oil, chances are you have ingested a far bigger amount than you should, but this stage is usually short-lived.

CBD works by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System, and the activity of cannabinoid receptors can be resource-intensive.

CBD oil increases an individual’s energy. If you are in low spirits and lethargic and seem not to want to work, a few drops of CBD tincture should restore the focus and drive.

As you advance in age, your energy levels start to gradually decline, but you can mitigate this problem by taking CBD oil on the regular.

What Should I Expect If I Take CBD Oil for a Week?

CBD oil has many health benefits, and the good thing is, unlike medicine, which you have to take when you are ill, you may incorporate CBD oil in your daily routine to preserve your health.

Once you start ingesting CBD oil, the cannabinoids go to work, binding to your cannabinoid receptors, promoting homeostasis.

A week of consuming CBD oil will have you experience the following:

Research into CBD is still limited, but as the CBD market transforms and expands, more scientific studies are going to be done to show the full course of CBD benefits.