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Can CBD Cause Heart Flutters?

CBD has been suggested to have various therapeutic benefits, but this non-psychotropic cannabinoid can exert some negative side effects, one of which is heart flutters.

Experiencing heart flutters after consuming CBD isn’t a common thing, but some people experience it. As your body becomes more accustomed to CBD, this side effect fades out.

Some people have experienced heart flutters following using CBD products, and this side effect is most pronounced in people with a history of heart-related diseases and issues.

Heart flutters are characterized by an increased heartbeat, and are wildly uncomfortable. Another factor that might exacerbate heart flutters is the ingestion of an excessive dose.

And so, when taking CBD products, always ensure to ingest the correct dose, because this will enable you to enjoy the full benefits of CBD without risking heart flutters or palpitations.

Also, if you have a medical issue and are taking drugs, it’s important to talk to your doctor before you start taking any CBD. It’ll help avoid a drug interaction that may cause heart flutters.