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Joints and blunts are some of the more popular smoking accessories, but they produce harsh smoke that can shock the throat.

If you’re looking to enjoy a smooth smoking session without experiencing any throat irritation, you may smoke out of a bong.

Bongs are water pipes, and they come in diverse shapes, designs, sizes. Bongs have filtration and cooling properties that preserve smoke integrity.

Bongs are typically used in smoking dry herbs, but some categories of bongs may be used to consume other products like concentrates.

Bongs may be used in private or social settings, and they make it fun and easy to take massive and delicious draws of smoke.

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Bong Anatomy: Different Parts of a Bong

Bongs come in diverse shapes and designs, but every bong features some critical components that aid its functioning. The following are the essential parts of a bong.

Bowl: this is the part in which ground herb is put and ignited. Bowls are available in three sizes; small, medium, and large, and require proper maintenance. Bowls are typically made of robust materials that can withstand high temperatures.

Joint: this is the little female piece, which connects the bowl piece to the down stem. Always make sure to use the correct joint size to improve the smoking session.

Down stem: this is the hollow accessory, which connects the bowl piece to the water in the chamber. Down stems enhance filtration and trigger bubbling sounds upon drawing smoke.

Mouthpiece: it’s usually located at the top of the bong, and this is what you use to enjoy bong hits. The mouthpiece is made of diverse materials and needs to be properly maintained.

Types of Bongs

Whether you smoke CBD flower for medicinal or relaxation purposes, you need a bong that suits you. The following are some of the common types of bongs:

Beaker bongs: these are some of the popular bong types. Beaker bongs have a wide base and they draw their name from their close resemblance to laboratory beakers.

Straight tube bongs: these have a vertical appearance, and are usually made of glass. On the downside, straight tube bongs have minimal volume and less stability.

Carburetor bongs: carburetors are small holes for regulating bong hits. Carburetor bongs help you enjoy your dry herbs to the hilt.

Bubble base bongs: these bongs bear a resemblance to beaker bongs, and as the name suggests, they feature a bubble-shaped water chamber. Bubble base bongs are stable.

Multi-chamber bongs: multi-chamber bongs share a range of similarities with straight tube bongs, and they consist of two chambers, which enhance smoke filtration.

Percolator bongs: percolator bongs feature a glass piece with holes that divvies up smoke, thus boosting the smoke filtration and cooling process.

Silicone bongs: these have a smooth, polished exterior, and have excellent flexibility. Silicone bongs come in diverse designs, are flexible, and are easy to clean.

Glass bongs: glass is one of the popular materials for making bongs as it doesn’t taint the smoke flavor. Glass bongs are stylish and have great functionality. On the downside, glass bongs are vulnerable.

Plastic bongs: these bongs are popular as they are affordable, durable, and feature amazing designs.

Ceramic bongs: although they might feel heavier than, say plastic bongs, ceramic bongs have an elevated artistic quality.

Pros of Smoking from a Bong

  1. Bongs produce smooth hits, thanks to their filtration and cooling properties.
  2. Bongs have excellent filtration features that help with tapping ash and debris, thus making the hit smoother and more delicious.
  3. Bongs reduce the chances of spreading diseases in a social setting, unlike cannabis joints or blunts.
  4. Bongs filter and cool the smoke, thus allowing you to take massive bong hits.
  5. With all their features and benefits, smoking from a bong is incredibly fun.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bong

Don’t buy the first bong that you stumble across, but take some time to choose the perfect bong. The following are some factors to consider in choosing a bong:

  1. You want to make sure that the bong suits your needs, preferences, and style.
  2. You want to make sure that the bong marries your lifestyle.
  3. You want to make sure that the bong is within your budget.
  4. You want to make sure that the bong is easy to handle and maintain.
  5. You want to make sure that the bong is the right size and made of the right material.

How to Use a Bong

Bongs are easy to use and handle. The following are the steps in smoking from your bong.

Step 1: through the mouthpiece, add water into the bong so that the water level comes up to the down stem.

Step 2: load up your herb grinder with some CBD or marijuana flower and pulverize the flower into smooth fine crystals.

Step 3: pack the bowl, whilst making sure not to pack the bowl too tightly, and then ignite the corner of the bowl so that flower burns.

Step 4: put your lips to the mouthpiece, start drawing the smoke, and enjoy your delicious bong hits.

Bong Accessories

Bong accessories are the pieces that help you customize your smoking experience. The following are some of the critical bong accessories:

Percolators: the percolator helps with making the smoke lighter, smoother, cooler, and tastier. Percolators come in a range of forms and designs.

Carb: a small hole in the bong that improves bong hits.

Rubber grommet: it enhances firmness and stability in various bong parts.

Ice pinch: these help with holding ice and ensuring the smoke is properly chilled.

Bong Maintenance Tips

To preserve delicious smoke flavor, you need to practice regular bong cleaning. Bong cleaning involves simple steps like soaking the bong in isopropyl alcohol, washing with a damp cloth, and rinsing in warm water. The following maintenance tips are essential:

  1. Change the bong water regularly.
  2. Scrape off the ash from your bowl piece.
  3. Store your bong at appropriate places.

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