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The Puffco Budsy is a discreet and highly efficient bong. It’s the perfect smoking accessory when you want to avoid scrutiny by random people.

With a water bottle design, the Puffco Budsy contains all the essential components, including the mouthpiece, the bowl, the down stem, and percs.

It has a compact and flexible build, which means you may carry it with ease. The Puffco Budsy uses medical-grade material to preserve smoke flavor.

Whether you’re an inexperienced or veteran cannabis consumer, you would appreciate the smooth and delicious bong hits drawn out of the Puffco Budsy.

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How to Use a Puffco Budsy

With excellent concealment capabilities, the Puffco Budsy is ideal for concerts, on travels, camping trips, etc. The Puffco Budsy may be used in the following steps:

Step 1: put water into the bottle up to 420 ml.

Step 2: pack the bowl with finely ground herbs and click it into the ready spot.

Step 3: spark the dry herbs and start enjoying the bong hits.

Pros of a Puffco Budsy

The popularity of this smoking device is growing rapidly. The following are some of its advantages:

No electronic parts: this smoking accessory provides top-level efficiency without electricity. Using the Puffco Budsy is both freeing and convenient.

Use flower only: there are varied types of smokable products, including concentrates and dabs, but the Puffco Budsy is designed for enjoying flower only. Whether you like smoking CBD or marijuana flower, you can’t go wrong with the Puffco Budsy.

All-in-one design: some smoking accessories rely on numerous third-party components to be able to function. But, the Puffco Budsy comprises a simple, all-in-one design, which makes it easy to handle.

BPA-free bottle: the Puffco Budsy is built using BPA free bottle. BPA-free bottles are typically lacking the chemical bisphenol-A, which is suggested to hurt brain and prostate glands.

Easy to clean: bong cleaning is an essential practice. It helps with eliminating residues and bacteria-ridden bong water, and with regular bong cleaning, you get to preserve smoke integrity, and you minimize the risk of spread of respiratory complications. The Puffco Budsy has simple features and can be cleaned with ease by soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing.

Ceramic bowl: ceramic has an exceedingly high melting temperature, and thus it cannot water down the smoke. Ensure that you pack the bowl properly so that the dry herbs burn evenly to produce a delicious smoke.

How to Maintain the Puffco Budsy

To preserve the utility of this valuable smoking device, proper maintenance is needed. The following are important tips on maintaining the Puffco Budsy.

Good storage: whether you’re traveling with it, or it’s resting at home, ensure that the storage conditions are ideal. Good storage allows your Puffco Budsy to retain utility.

Regular cleaning: constant use of the Puffco Budsy can potentially stain it and leave residues. Thus, make sure to clean your device regularly to preserve its efficiency.

Smoke flower: the manufacturer clearly states that the Puffco Budsy is meant to smoke flower, and not any other cannabis products including concentrate, wax, and dabs. Thus, make sure to observe this condition.

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