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Percolator bongs have a greater capacity to achieve a smooth and polished smoke. They come in varying shapes and sizes, allowing you to smoke without any throat shock.

Percolators, or percs, are characterized by tiny openings in the glass, which divvy up the smoke and increase the surface area of water, thus ensuring grander smoke cooling.

The percolator add-on not only cools and filters your smoke but produces a pleasing bubbling sensation that accompanies your bong hits, adding to the fun.

If you like pulling enormous, super-smooth tokes, you might have a greater preference for percolator bongs as opposed to regular bongs.

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Types of Percolators

Bongs are designed to filter and cool the smoke, thus eliminating debris and toxins, but percolator bongs typically step up these functionalities, allowing total smoke refinement. The following are some of the varied types of percolators:

Dome percolators: dome percolators feature a small dome installed at the lower end of the chamber, and they allow smoke to pass through numerous slits, improving smoke texture.

Tree percolators: they consist of an arm tree perc and narrow ducts that reach down into the chamber. The smoke flows through these ducts before hitting the bong water.

Showerhead percolators: these are round, glass pieces with holes, which makes them resemble showerheads. Smoke gathers above the showerheads before sinking in the holes.

Honeycomb percolators: honeycomb percs consist of glass with honeycomb-shaped holes. Smoke rolls through the holes before landing into bong water.

Inline percolators: they come in a range of styles. Inline percs are typically installed halfway between the stem and chamber and do an excellent job in smoke cooling.

Turbine percolators: also known as vortex or cyclone percolators, these are round, glass pieces with angled cuts. When you pool the air, the water flows through the angled cuts, thus maximizing the cooling impact.

Matrix percolators: generally installed at the bong base, matric percs consist of horizontal and vertical slits that enhance smoke filtration and cooling.

Swiss percolators: these are vertical glass pieces with slits that enhance smoke diffusion.

Pros of a Percolator Bong

  • They have powerful diffusion. Percolators are unmatched when it comes to filtering and cooling the smoke, thus allowing you to enjoy delicious bong rips.
  • They have excellent beauty. Just looking at a perc bong standing on a table conveys some artistic beauty. Owning a percolator bong is almost like owning a piece of art.
  • They eliminate toxins. Some bongs can have toxic substances, especially if your hygiene game is wanting. But percs have excellent filtration effects that help with eliminating toxins.

How to Use a Percolator Bong

If you’re new to CBD or marijuana flower, percolator bongs are super ideal for you. The following is a step-by-step process of using a perc bong.

Step 1: Pour water into the chamber so that the slits in the downstem are barely touching the water, and then add enough water to submerge the percolators.

Step 2: Grind your herb into fine and consistent pieces, and add some of the fine herbs into the bowl piece, making sure not to pack it tightly.

Step 3: lay some fire into the bowl as you pull the air. The smoke from your dry herb will start filling the bong, before drifting through the filtration and cooling systems.

Step 4: take a slow and steady pull of the delicious smoke and savor it before exhaling.

How to Clean a Percolator Bong

Cleaning your bong is an essential thing. Whether you use it privately, or you share your bong with friends, develop a habit of cleaning it once you’re done smoking. Pour isopropyl alcohol into the bong and allow it to soak. Scrub the stains, rinse in warm water, air-dry it.