If you want to take smooth draws of cannabis smoke, but you don’t like the typical large build of a regular bong, you would appreciate a mini bong.

As the name suggests, a mini bong is a bong with a reduced size. It can provide similar benefits to regular bongs, but it’s compact, lightweight, and portable.

They are excellent for on-the-go smoking, and you can travel with your mini bong with ease. Since lightweight smoking accessories feature small bowls, they enable economizing your valuable dry herbs.

Mini bongs are available in a range of styles, colors, and shapes, and will help you enjoy your CBD and marijuana flower like never before.

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How Mini Bongs Work

It’s important to recognize first the different parts of a bong.

Bowl piece: the detachable part of a bong into which CBD or marijuana flower is packed.

Down stem: this is the connecting part between the bowl piece and the water chamber.

Base: this is the bottom part of a bong in which smoke pools before ascending.

Carb: it’s a tiny opening near the chamber for improving bong rips.

Mini bongs, like regular bongs, have smoke filtration and cooling properties. Once you pack the bowl with dry herbs and spark the corner of the bowl, the smoke flows into the bong water, becoming filtered and cooled, before hurtling up into the mouthpiece.

Enjoy Delicious Bong Hits with a Mini Bong

You may inhale delicious canna tokes with a mini bong in the following steps:

Step 1: pour water into the base of the bong until the water reaches the down stem.

Step 2: put some CBD or marijuana flower into the herb grinder and pulverize it.

Step 3: pack the smooth canna crystals into the bowl piece, but don’t make it too tight.

Step 4: using a lighter, ignite the corner of the bowl, making sure the flower burns.

Step 5: place your lips on the mouthpiece and draw the smoke.

Mini bongs, like regular bongs, may feature various add-ons that can help customize the smoking experience even further.

Types of Mini Bongs

Diverse types of mini bongs are available. One of the major differentiating factors is the materials they are made of.

Glass mini bongs: with high efficiency and functionality, glass bongs make for a popular type of mini bongs. On the downside, glass mini bongs may not be durable.

Silicone mini bongs: silicone has a polished exterior and incredible flexibility. Silicone bongs are highly portable, and have shock absorption and shatter resistance features.

Acrylic mini bongs: acrylic bongs are virtually indestructible and very fitting for a smoker with a chaotic lifestyle. On the downside, acrylic might reduce smoke integrity a bit.

Factors to Consider When Buying Mini Bongs

Mini bongs come in a range of materials, styles, and shapes. The following are some of the things to consider when buying mini bongs:

Budget: depending on the materials, and the add-ons, the prices for mini bongs can range from cheap to expensive. Always stay within your budget.

Lifestyle: if you’re a party animal, you need a bong made of durable material, but if you have a calm lifestyle, where you probably smoke at home after work, the bong material shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

Smokables: there are different types of smokable products. Buy a bong that fits your smokable products. Some bongs are designed for flower only, while others are designed for flower, concentrates, waxes, etc.