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Whether you smoke joints, bongs, or one-hitters, to experience that quality smoking session, you need properly-ground buds.

An herb grinder is a tool that helps with grinding buds to change their texture from rough into smooth and fluffy crystals.

Without an herb grinder, you may be forced to crush the buds with your hands, which is tricky because of their sticky nature.

Handling CBD or marijuana buds with hands can cause you to lose some of the precious buds, or minimize their potency.

And so, whether you’re a novice or veteran cannabis smoker, you need an herb grinder so that you may enjoy smooth and delicious tokes.

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Benefits of an Herb Grinder

Herb grinders come in a range of materials, and they contain interlocking chambers that enhance grinding. Properly ground buds make for a slow burn and enriched flavor. Herb grinders have a range of benefits:

  1. Smooth texture: whether you’re smoking or vaporizing dry herbs, the experience is greatly influenced by flower consistency. Coarse buds make for an uneven burn and typically distort the flavor, whereas smooth and fluffy canna crystals make for an amazing sesh.
  2. Intense buzz: whether you’re inhaling some CBD or marijuana flower, the goal is to experience some mental buzz and relaxation. Handling buds with your hands typically lowers the potency, but grinding your herbs preserves potency and allows you to enjoy an intense high.
  3. Collecting pollen: kief, or pollen, are the vivid trichomes enveloping the buds. With their great potency, pollens are typically used to spice up flower. With manual handling of buds, you cannot harvest the pollen, but with an herb grinder, you can easily collect kief.

Types of Herb Grinders

Herb grinders are usually classified by the materials they are made of and their constituent parts or pieces. Some of the common materials for making herb grinders include acrylic, wood, plastic, and metal.

Plastic herb grinders are one of the most affordable types of grinders. Whether they incorporate simple or advanced features, generally they aren’t high performance. Their teeth aren’t sturdy, which minimizes their efficiency.

Herb grinders made of wood, like their plastic sisters, are also not high performance. They typically have a basic design consisting of lanky teeth, with an arrangement that lowers effectiveness. Wooden grinders are too mechanical and lack kief collection features.

When it comes to performance, metal grinders take the crown. They have powerful metallic teeth, and a sturdy body that withstands all manner of abuse. Metal grinders feature advanced designs that allow for kief collection and efficiency.

If you’re not a fan of the turning and twisting of the lid of the grinder, you can go for an electric grinder, which makes it easy to pulverize buds into fluffy bits within seconds.

Basic grinders don’t have storage compartments; and so, after grinding, the smooth herb remains in the grinding chamber. But advanced grinders have extra compartments.

2-piece grinders: these are basic grinders with a small build, a lid, and a grinding compartment. They are traditional and reliable.

3-piece grinders: they are designed to ensure that you end up with a properly ground flower. They have an extra chamber for collecting fine and fluffy dry herbs.

4-piece grinders: they have a compartment for capturing the smooth and consistent herb, and they have a compartment for capturing kief or pollen.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Herb Grinder

The following are some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for an herb grinder:

  1. The material they are made of: quality herb grinders are made of sturdy and robust materials that withstand abuse. Ideally, metallic grinders are more reliable than plastic grinders.
  2. The shape and sharpness of teeth: for quick and effective grinding, the best shape for a grinder is typically diamond, with the teeth being strong and sharp.
  3. Kief collection: many cannabis enthusiasts like spicing up their flower with kief, which is why they need a grinder with an extra compartment for collecting kief.