Hand pipes are classic smoking tools that have been around for ages. They typically have a simple build, with a bowl to the end, and are perfect for on-the-go smoking.

Hand pipes come in many materials and many designs. When selecting an ideal hand pipe, you usually follow your needs, tastes, and preferences.

Smoking CBD or marijuana is an effective ingestion method, as it achieves fast and potent effects. By smoking hand pipes, rather than joints, you spice things up.

Hand pipes are portable and convenient; they deliver hot and flavourful cannabis tokes, thus enabling you to experience an amazing mental buzz.

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Types of Hand Pipes

With their ease of use and portability, varied types of hand pipes are available.

Spoon pipes: as the name suggests, these pipes have a shape similar to spoons, and these are one of the popular types of hand pipes. Spoon pipes are typically made up of the bowl, the mouthpiece, the neck, and the carb hole. They make for excellent smoking.

Chillums: also called one-hitters and bats, chillums have Indian roots, specifically the ancient Indian spiritual movement. They have a straight and conical appearance, and their small build makes them ultra-portable.

Novelty pipes: novelty pipes may have the functionality of regular hand pipes, but their build and design feature superior artistic customizations. Novelty pipes are imaginative and efficient and are modeled after varied objects.

Sherlock pipes: as the name suggests, these are named after the pipe promoted by the TV character Sherlock Holmes. They have a distinctly long and curved neck, and a mouthpiece optimized for drawing smoke. Sherlock pipes have an impressive design and functionality.

Steamroller pipes: steamrollers have a linear, cylindrical build. Whether you want to smoke dry herbs or you want to vaporize concentrates, there’s an ideal steamroller pipe for that. They make for excellent smoking tools in social settings.

How to Smoke a Hand Pipe

Hand pipes have been around since the dawn of civilization, and have provided an easy and convenient way of smoking your precious dry herbs. There are different types of hand pipes, but choosing the ideal one is down to your tastes and preferences. The following are the general steps in smoking out of a hand pipe:

Materials you’ll need:

  • Hand pipe
  • Dry herbs
  • Grinder
  • Lighter
  • Pipe tamper

Step 1: grind the herb. Start by loading the herb grinder with some dry herbs and crushing them into smooth and tender crystals. Smart grinders allow you to collect pollen.

Step 2: pack the bowl. Take pinches of the dry herb and fill out the bowl, and you may use the pipe tamper to arrange the dry herb in the bowl to ensure effective burning.

Step 3: ignite the herb. Ignite the corner of the bowl, and then make slow and circular motions, allowing the dry herb to burn properly.

Step 4: take the hit. Once you’re done igniting, the dry herbs are amply seared, and so you may start dragging the smoke, slowly at first, before intense hits.

Pros of Using a Hand Pipe

The following are some of the reasons why smokers prefer hand pipes.

  1. Hand pipes have a small and compact build and are thus super portable.
  2. Hand pipes feature carb holes that allow airflow regulation, thus improving smoke flavor.
  3. Hand pipes allow you to take perfect-sized draws of delicious smoke.
  4. Due to their compact build, they allow for discreet use.
  5. Hand pipes are extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  6. Hand pipes are available in a range of designs.

Things to Consider When Buying a Hand Pipe

The following are some of the critical things to consider when buying a hand pipe.

Material: hand pipes come in a range of materials; glass, wood, plastic, metal, etc. The material can influence what the pipe feels like and even the smoke integrity. Generally, glass pipes are excellent as they don’t conduct heat, don’t influence smoke, and are easy to clean.

Style & Design: from common designs to complex customizations, hand pipes come in a wide range of designs. You need to go for the design that you fancy. However, you need to establish that the design does not limit the functionality.

Price: the prices for hand pipes usually depend on the material, size, and style. You need to choose a hand pipe whose cost is within your budget.