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A dugout is a compact smoking accessory that allows for storing a one-hitter and ground cannabis flower. It’s a convenient tool for on-the-go smoking.

This carrying case is typically divvied up into two spaces. The main space is for holding the one-hitter, and it typically has a spring that aids withdrawal.

The other part is for storing your precious dry herbs. You need to make sure that the dry herbs are properly ground before storing them.

When using the dugout system, you simply take out the one-hitter, and load it with dry herbs from the chamber, before lighting it up and smoking.

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How to Use a Dugout

Dugout systems may come in varying designs, but they have a standard procedure of use.

Step 1: grind your herb. For outstanding results, it’s suggested to grind your herb when using a dugout system. Put some buds into the herb grinder and crush them into fine and consistent pieces. Properly ground herb makes for generous packing of the dugout and allows for easy packing of the one-hitter.

Step 2: fill out the herb section. One section of the dugout is for holding ground herb. Instead of filling out that section with pinchfuls of ground herb, just fold a small card into two, place some dry herb in the center, along the crease, and then position it so that the dry herb rolls into the compartment to a fill.

Step 3: pack your one-hitter. Each one-hitter has a small bowl at its head in which dry herb is loaded. The dugout system makes it easy to pack your one-hitter without manually handling the dry herb. You simply insert the one-hitter into the dugout and press it until the bowl is filled out, but make sure not to pack your one-hitter too tightly.

Step 4: enjoy the hit. At this point, your one-hitter is ready, and you only need to light up the buds and enjoy flavorful cannabis tokes.

NB: when packing another round, make sure to freshen up the bowl, so that you enjoy clean tokes.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dugout

Dugout systems are available in a wide selection of designs, and late-model dugouts are usually advanced and feature-rich. The following are some of the things to consider while buying a dugout.

Material: dugout systems are available in a wide selection of materials, including wood, acrylic, plastic, and metal. The material that the dugout is made of can influence its lifespan. For instance, metallic dugouts are more durable than plastic dugouts. And so, you want to go for a dugout made of robust and powerful materials.

Smell proof: smoking cannabis is fun, and cannabis is rich in terpenes, the aromatic chemical compounds that lend cannabis its distinct scent. However, not everybody is fond of that cannabis smell, and you might need to conceal the smell especially if you share space with other people who are not into cannabis. Also, let’s not overlook the fact that cannabis is still somewhat taboo. I mean, cannabis may have been legalized, but there’s no shortage of so-called puritans to view you negatively for smoking cannabis. And so, to stay low-key, you’ll need a dugout with smell-proof features.

Waterproof: the dugout system is popular among people with an outdoor lifestyle and career. Whether you like hanging out at the beach, in the parks, or you’re in the military, your dugout could slip out of your pocket and drop into the water. Thus, you need your dugout to have waterproof features.

Functionality: one of the excellent features of a dugout is the springloaded compartment, which allows for easy one-hitter retrieval. Quality dugouts typically have classic features and high functionality.

Poker tool: this tool is critical when you need to repack the one-hitter.