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Ceramic bongs have been around for ages. With their robust bodies and high melting points, ceramic bongs are safe and suave.

They come in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Unlike glass bongs with plain features, ceramic bongs have some personality.

Ceramic bongs have a glaze and some artistic touch, making them understated art pieces. Best of all, these bongs won’t interfere with your smoke flavor.

Whether you use a ceramic bong in private, or you share the smoke with friends, the experience is equally fulfilling – the same can’t be said of passing joints/blunts around.

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How to Use a Ceramic Bong

You can use a ceramic bong in the following steps:

Step 1: put water into the bong. Detach the bowl and pour water into the chamber until a third full. It’s critical to get the water level right to avoid experiencing too light or too heavy bong hits.

Step 2: grind your dry herbs. Place some dry herbs into a grinder and pulverize them into smooth and consistent crystals. If you have an advanced grinder, you can collect kief, with which you may crown your bowl.

Step 3: pack the bowl. Pack the bowl with dry herbs but make sure not to make the bowl too compact. Make sure that the bowl is properly secured against the joint.

Step 4: spark the herb. Put your lips to the mouthpiece and take a draw of air as you light up the herb.

Step 5: take the hit. Keep dragging at the mouthpiece so that the filtered smoke flows into your mouth. Inhale the smoke, and take some time before exhaling. Whether you’re smoking CBD flower to manage your anxiety, pain, or a mental disorder, bongs are excellent tools.

Pros of Ceramic Bongs

Many CBD and marijuana enthusiasts like using ceramic bongs because it’s convenient and feature-rich.

1. Stylish

When you use a regular bong, you only enjoy the excellent functionality, but when using a ceramic bong, you get to enjoy something more; style.

Ceramic bongs can take numerous shapes and designs, which allows the manufacturer to infuse arts and creativity into the ceramic bongs.

Thus, even if you’re not using your bong, you would appreciate using the ceramic bong as an embellishment in your household or business premises.

Head shops typically feature wide selections of ceramic bongs, and although the designs can be confusing, always prioritize what suits your needs and tastes.

2. Smoke Integrity

Wouldn’t you hate it to take a draw of smoke and perceive some weird taste within the smoke? It’s usually a sign that the bong you’re using is made of low-grade materials.

Ceramic has a high boiling point, and so, when you apply heat to a ceramic bowl, the heat isn’t sufficient to disintegrate ceramic particles, and this preserves the smoke flavor.

When using a bong, you’re looking to enjoy the refined smoke of your favorite dry herbs, and you can achieve that by using a ceramic bong.

3. Filtration and Cooling

One of the reasons why bongs are superior to joints is that they filter and cool smoke, thus allowing you to take smooth hits.

If the bowl piece contains ash or residues, when you take a draw, the smoke is passed through water to arrest the ash and debris.

The filtration and cooling abilities of your bong allow you to enjoy delicious smoke that doesn’t burn the soft tissues of your throat.

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